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Something Sakura: About

hi there! I’m Sakura

I’m a lifestyle blogger based in Phoenix, Arizona.   I’m engaged to my best friend, Kell, and we became new parents as of May this year to our beautiful daughter, Milai Ivy.  I started blogging in 2014 as a creative outlet where I share my personal life and my love for fashion, travel, beauty, and photography.  I balanced being a business owner of a creative agency full time and blogging part-time for fun, but as of March of 2019, I decided to pursue my blog full time. Throughout the last five years, my blog has become so much more than a lifestyle blog, but my online journal where I have shared my personal struggles, my success, and life events- big + small! My readers + followers have been through it all with me (business, breakups, falling in love, baby, etc.) and I’m so grateful to have such an amazing online community here.

My promise to you is to always be true to who I am.  To always speak my truth, stay creative with my content, and be a resource to my readers.

Thanks for stopping by! I love you all xx