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What I packed in my hospital bag + got for aftercare!

Something Sakura: What I packed in my hospital bag & for aftercare!

[UPDATED!  You can find my post-delivery notes below that are bold and italicized!]

Hi friends!
Alright, so a lot of people asked me to do this post and I got a lot of amazing suggestions from friends and followers, so I wanted to compile everything together for you and make a list of everything I packed! I tried to link as many items for you and be as specific as possible! I think after I actually have the baby, I’ll add notes to this and let you know if there’s anything I’d add or remove from this list! xx


What we are leaving the house with (the big picture):

  • medium size suitcase for myself, Kell, and for the baby.
  • my big everyday-tote
  • large Lululemon shopping bag full of snacks
  • 2 – medium size pillows
    • must! I might have even packed more tbh
  • 2 – large cozy blankets
    • must! it really is cold at the hospital and you need large cozy blankets for you and your partner.
  • baby’s car seat


What I packed:

  • a framed photo of the baby’s ultrasound
    • I heard a few people told me that when you’re going through the struggles of labor, having a photo of the ultrasound really helped them go through labor and I can totally see how that helps!  I’m a baby when it comes to pain and though I’m going to have an epidural, I think it just helps you get through it and that you get to meet your baby soon!
  • 2 – 6ft long phone chargers 
    • I heard it’s super important to have the long ones for convenience!
  • a cozy robe
    • that you love, but that you don’t mind throwing away if it gets dirty (aka bloody)
  • slippers
    • that you love, but that you don’t mind throwing away if it gets dirty (aka bloody)
  • sandals
    • I plan on wearing these sandals to the hospital. I also heard it’s important that these sandals are wide fit (cause your feet will get swollen) and can get wet to take into the shower with you at the hospital after you have the baby!
  • button up pajama dress
    • for after delivery//for at home
    • I am obsessed with these.  Highly recommend these!
  • maxi dress
    • to go home in
  • 4 – large underwear (granny panties)
    • I packed 4 but got a total of 20 underwear for after
    • wasn’t really necessary for me to pack since the hospital provides you with underwear, but definitely get it for once you get home!
  • 2 – nursing bras
    • Bought a total of 3 to start off with but packed 2 in my bag! I heard it’s really important to get ones that are not padded in the beginning as your boobs will get bigger later, so just stick with unpadded ones in the beginning!  I also bought these!
  • 1 – nursing tank
    • these are the ones that I bought are soooo comfy! I got a total of 3 nursing tanks because I heard you live in them after you have the baby!
  • 2 – cozy socks
  • 2- sleeping eye masks
    • these are my favorite eyemasks that I can’t live without!  I packed two in case someone else needs one too
    • you’re going to need these to sleep! your sleep schedule is going to be all over the place while you’re at the hospital pre + post delivery.
  • comfy clothes for dad
    • just in case we are in a hurry to the hospital and he doesn’t have time to change. Specifically, a shirt, sweatshirt, and sweat pants
    • we definitely didn’t pack enough for Kell!  We only packed 1 set of additional outfit.  Make sure to pack 3 outfits including underwear!  Seems excessive but you never know how long you will be at the hospital!  We were at the hospital for almost 4 days!
  • comfy shoes for dad
    • specifically sandals!  Kell showered at the hospital twice and he only had his sneakers so I would definitely pack sandals for dad.
  • baby blanket
  • 2- swaddles
  • 3 – outfits/onesies for baby (including bows, of course.)
  • travel white noise machine
    • got this at my shower and heard it’s the best.  this is also for me because I can’t sleep without a fan/noise!
  • baby shusher
    • essentially a white noise machine, but specifically for babies and heard it’s amazing for soothing babies
  • lotion
    • heard it gets very dry after you have the baby and because the rooms are really cold!  I’m also specifically packing this lotion because it’s better for you to have lotion on your skin that’s suited for the baby.
  • body wash
  • 2- toothbrushes 
  • toothpaste
  • mouthwash
    • I highly highly recommend bringing multiple travel size bottles.  This is something I’m really happy I packed because we definitely used a lot of mouthwash! You’re not going to want to walk back and forth to brush your teeth and you won’t be able to after you get an epidural!
  • eyedrops
  • hand sanitizer
  • makeup remover wipes
  • facewash
  • moisturizer
  • facial hydrating mist
    • I’ve heard multiple people say they wish they had a facial hydrating mist! Especially if your labor is really long
  • 4 – eye patches
    • I am SOOOOO happy I packed these eyemasks!  I ended up having my sister bring me more from home.  You are exhausted pre + post delivery and these eyemasks really helped my bags and just feel more awake! 
  • ice facial roller
    • to get rid of that puffiness after you have the baby!  it helps me wake up too!
  • my makeup bag
  • hairbrush
  • hair ties/bobby pins
  • a pack of gum
  • inflatable breastfeeding travel pillow
    • I like this one specifically cause it’s inflatable and you can take it anywhere (and a lot of people recommended it).  Multiple people told me that a breastfeeding pillow came in really handy in the hospital as they were getting used to breastfeeding especially when you have a lactation consultant’s guidance at the hospital the first couple days!
  • nipple cream
  • nursing pads
  • breast pump
    • multiple people told me (including the teacher at the breastfeeding class) to bring your breast pump so if you have any questions, the lactation consultant at the hospital can help you.  I got the Medela in case you were wondering through our insurance.
  • camera
  • camera charger
  • laptop
  • laptop charger
  • anything else you want to bring to kill some time for you or your supporters


  • dermoplast
    • for your vajayjay after you have the baby to relieve pain.  I bought one myself, but the hospital ended up giving me one too! I personally didn’t have to use it too much because my recovery wasn’t that bad, but better safe than sorry!
  • 2- pads (overnight/extra heavy. 40 total) 
    • first thing, make sure to bring home as many of the hospital pads + underwear they give you. The pads are nice + thick and their underwears are so comfy!
    • 40 pads lasted me right about 3 weeks. By the third week, my spotting was very light and I bought thin thong panty liners.  Again, everyone is very different, but 40 overnight extra heavy pads were perfect.
    • People told me Depends are great for the first week or two, but I personally was fine with the pads that I purchased!
  • colace + miraLAX
    • you’re gonna need these. TRUST ME. No one told me about needing these until it was too late hah. TMI but it took me about a week after the baby to be able to go #2 and when you do, you want to make sure that it’s soft because it’s going to hurt otherwise.  I accidentally got the stool softener with laxative in it, so I stopped taking it all in general and boy did I regret it. Make sure to take it every day until things regulate.  I’m currently 3.5 weeks and I’m still taking it daily!
  • tucks
    • you’ll likely get hemorrhoids after the baby and Tucks made mine go away in two days! Definitely a must!
  • sweat pants
    • okay, so I personally don’t own a ton of sweatpants, I’m a yoga pants kinda girl.  After you have the baby, you’re basically wearing diapers because of the thick pads you’re wearing, and you can’t wear anything tight.  I ended up getting a couple of cheap sweat pants that I can wear around the house to lounge in!
  • belly bandit
    • I’ve been wearing this belly wrap every day after about a week and a half after having the baby.  I personally love the feeling of the support and the tightening!  I’ll do a blog post about my progress and more about the belly bandit!  I got a size medium, but kinda wish I got a small! Just so you know my sizing, I normally wear about a size 24 in pants pre baby.