Baby Products I Can’t Live Without

Something Sakura: My Must Have Baby Products


Alright, I’ve officially been a mommy for three months and I’m ready to share what my favorite baby products are!  I’ve added notes below on why I love them and why it’s a must!  I didn’t want to go overboard on baby products, but the things that I really love and I need to survive!


Feel free to add comments below on what your favorite products are! xx


I really do love the Dockatot and so does the baby!  We use this everywhere throughout the house (couch, bed, etc.) during nap time.  I also like this because you can take this when you travel and if you don’t have a portacrib or a pack-n-play for your baby to sleep in, you can use the dockatot on the bed!








Leachco Lounger

This is the lounger we use during the day on the couch, on the bed and she absolutely loves it!  The first few weeks, they’re a little too small for it and kinda looks uncomfortable haha, but soon they will grow into it and love it!  I honestly don’t know what I would do with the baby without this lounger!








Keekaroo Peanut Changing Pad


This is a product that I wasn’t sure if I really needed in the beginning. I had registered for a cuter changing table wicker basket thing, but I don’t even use that one anymore, because this is just so convenient!

If your baby gets poop or pee on the changing pad, you literally just wipe it off! You don’t have to throw anything in the washer. Seriously, I’m telling you, this is a must!!







Beaba Big Flopsy

Okay, so although the photo makes it look like its a pregnancy pillow, it’s actually a nursing pillow too and it’s AMAZING.

I worked with Molly from Bump Bestie (read blog post here) and she had me register for this and I wasn’t sure if I really needed another nursing pillow, but this is by far my favorite thing ever!  It feels like a love sac, so when you’re feeding your baby, it conforms to you and the baby and it’s very comfortable for both you and the baby! Highly recommend this!







Tubby Todd All Over Ointment

Discount Code: SAKURA10

You guys have seen me talk about this product multiple times on my stories, but it’s truly amazing!  This ointment helps with baby acne, eczema, cradle cap, dry skin, and so much more!

I was veryyyy hesitant to use it on her face when she got baby acne, but it really got rid of it within 24 hours!

ps – a little goes a long way!






Leader Bag – Diaper Bag





I know there are a million diaper bags out in the market right now, but I really do love my diaper bag!

There’s A LOT of pockets and compartments in this bag and it even has a spot for my laptop!  It hooks onto your stroller and comes with a cute little pouch with a changing pad.

Kell also loves it because it doesn’t look like a diaper bag or girly.  We love it!







The First Years

Soothing Comfort Tub

I know it’s not the cutest tub in the market, but we have three different tubs that are hot in the market right now, and this is by far our favorite tub!  I know other mamas that have said the same thing!

There’s a net for when the baby is still little and Milai absolutely loves this tub. It’s comfortable + easy to clean.  I can put this in our actual tub, or it feels perfectly in our kitchen sink!








Haakaa Manual Pump




This is a must if you are breastfeeding!  It actually wouldn’t even hurt to have two 🙂  When you’re breastfeeding on one side, the other side will leak in the beginning (I’m still leaking, but I heard it stops after awhile), and the haakaa will catch the leakage!  It’s also great if you need to express manually without having to use the pump machine.

I know some moms that don’t even use a pump machine and they can use the haakaa to pump- it personally doesn’t work for me to do that, but it’s great for leakage!







Hatch Baby

Sound Machine + Night Light 


This sound machine + night light is great! You can control it from your phone and there are so many night/sound settings!

We definitely love this product!






WildBird Ring Sling

We have multiple baby carriers and a ring sling is definitely a must.  It’s really cute and really easy to wear and put your baby in!







Tuck and Bundle Baby Wrap


There are multiple baby wrap companies, but I love Tuck and Bundle and Solly Baby for baby wraps!  I love wearing wraps because they’re very comfortable for both baby and mama.

Why this is a must is because when you travel, you can actually wear this baby wrap through security without ever having to put your baby down!  Where ring slings and other baby carriers, you cannot put it through the metal detectors.






Happiest Baby Sleepea Sack




Okay, this swaddle is great for the first few months!  She’s about to grow out of her size small and she’s too strong for the velcro now, but it’s SUPER easy to put on by yourself and I really really liked it!






Summer Infant Car Seat Insert


We used this car seat insert for the first three months and it was great! It really supported the baby and it was nice + soft!






Simple Wishes Pumping Bra

If you’re breastfeeding and pumping. This is a must, so you don’t have to hold onto the bottles and you can have your hands free!