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IMG_6636 sakura3 sakura2 Sakura1copy IMG_6907 IMG_6995 sakura5 sakura4I had a blast shooting these images with my good friend and amazing photographer, Dreylon Vang.  We shot these photos at my old stomping grounds- that’s right, Arizona State University!  I was told that we would be shooting at an old theater with red velvet curtains, so I thought it would be fun to bring out my high school prom dress out of my closet to make it somewhat of a glam/old Hollywood type shoot.

This shoot is unlike anything I have ever done before as I’m typically used to shooting outside or in the natural light, but I had a blast with this collaboration because I knew Dreylon will bring something different to the plate.  I love his style of the high contrast and spotlight flash with the classic vignette!

He’s a total sweetheart and an amazing photographer- shoot him an email!

Dreylonvang [at] gmail.com