Something Sakura: Twenty-fiveA little less than a week until I turn 25 and I’m low key kind of freaking out!  I feel like I’ve learned so much these last couple years that I just want to sit, reflect, and compile.  I’m not quite sure why 25 is such a scary number for me- maybe because I think of the phrase, “quarter life crisis”? I feel like there’s so much pressure in your twenties.  It’s really one of the most important decade in your life- I personally think it’s the decade that really frames your life.  Any who, let’s get started on this list.

1. Trust your gut

2. Everything is a lot more work than you really think

3. Save as much money as you can

4. Don’t sell yourself short

5. Learn to say NO

6. Relationships are everything

7. Always think “just in case”

8. Don’t wonder what something is- just Google it

9. Be aware of your emotions

10. Cherish those amazing friendships

11. Allow yourself to make mistakes, so you can grow from it

12. Travel as much as you can

13. It’s okay to be selfish at times

14. Everyone handles things differently. No matter what, be as empathetic as you can be.

15. Don’t avoid things

16. Friendships & relationships are everything, but they’re constantly evolving. Deal with the bumps and keep those close relationships

17. You don’t HAVE to have a big girl job in the corporate world

18. Learn to work with others

19. Don’t be a perfectionist

20. Take a break

21. Always be present and grateful

22. Be passionate about everything you do

23. Happiness is #1

24. Feel good, look good

25. Look at every situation from both sides