Something Sakura: 30 Things I Love About Him

At the beginning of this month, my boyfriend, Kell, turned the big 30!  Not sure if you saw, but I had been planning his surprise 30th birthday party since the beginning of February.  It turned out to be a huuuge success and I was able to invite over 70 of his family + friends from all around the country to fly in and surprise him!  With that said, I was so busy that I didn’t get to do a birthday blog post for him, so here it is. 30 things I love about him.
1. His smile
he’s got a really cute one.
 2. He’s thoughtful
surprise flowers at the office.
 3. He knows how to make me laugh
like, a lot.
 4. He’s a good listener
I feel like I can talk to him about everything and anything.
5. He’s Mr. Friendly
he’s really good at keeping in touch with all of his old friends and he’s really good at making new      friends.
6. He always drives 
maybe cause he also hates my driving, but he always offers to drive and it makes me feel like a lady.
7. He’s a big family guy 
one of my favorite things about him.  He’s always in communication with them and is always wanting to spend time with them. 
8. He always opens the door for me 
such a gentleman.
9. He likes drake …and rap 
and so do I.
10. He’s self-aware 
which results in so many other amazing things.
11. He likes fashion 
I like dat.
12. He’s my #1 supporter 
he’s so supportive of everything I do. He’s also the person behind all of my blog photos! 
13. He’s so chill
I’m a pretty chill, go-with-the-flow person and so is he.  We haven’t had one single fight.
14. He’s a forgiving 
he knows how to move forward and not hold anything against people.
15. He knows how to have a good time
I can take him anywhere and he will have a great time and make new friends. 
16. He’s affectionate
he has a lot of love to give. It’s both of our love languages and I feel loved every second I’m with him.
17. He’s an amazing singer 
yup, he really is. ask him to sing “let me love you” by mario. it will blow you away.
18. He’s a trooper
he never complains. he will do everything with a smile. it’s so sweet.
19. He makes me feel so confident 
he always makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful person and that I can do anything. 
20. He’s tall
he’s 6’6. pretty dang tall.
21. He takes my photos for my blog
so supportive.
22. He’s always happy – 
always. and if he’s upset about something, he will get over it in like 5 min.
23. He loves kids
and he’s good with them too! *sigh*
24. He’s motivated 
he’s working on his first development project and it’s so exciting! check out The Churchill coming this summer!
25. He loves sports 
especially basketball. Love a guy that loves sports!
26. He’s always going to be young at heart 
he’s a big little kid and I love that about him. 
27. He likes to travel
and so do i. 
28. He’s empathetic 
it is an important quality that I look for in someone.
29. He doesn’t like scary movies
thank god cause I hate them.
30. He puts others before him 
always. he is so selfless.