I’ve been wanting to start my YouTube channel for quite some time now and I’m excited to say that I’m officially launching it! Though I love photography, I have really fallen in love with video. I love how personal it is, I love the connection I feel when I watch videos, and well, video just allows me to express myself better than photos at times and get personal with all of you.

A lot of people know me through social media or my blog and I have been getting a lot of DMs about all sorts of things- beauty questions, advice on love/relationships, business related questions, and fashion!  Now I’m not going to cover all of those topics, but I wanted a platform where I can talk about things freely.  I’ve really enjoyed Instagram Stories and showing my personal life a little bit more and I consistently get asked to show more, so why not give this whole YouTube thing a try??

My goal is to release one YouTube video a week in the beginning. I will be sharing everything from travel videos, personal videos, and maybe even some tutorials!  I’ve been having a lot of fun learning more and more about video and it’s been great working with my friend Andrew these last few months as a team to make my videos come to life!

I have had three travel videos up on my channel that I unofficially released since April this year, but I’m excited to launch my channel with a getting to know me video! I hope you guys love it and would love to hear what you guys would love to see on my YouTube channel!

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Again, HUGE THANK YOU to Andrew for editing all of my videos and making them come to life!