Something Sakura - Long Distance-44 Something Sakura - Long Distance-16Something Sakura - Long Distance-21Something Sakura - Long Distance-11Something Sakura - Long Distance-30Something Sakura - Long Distance-43 Something Sakura - Long Distance-34 Something Sakura - Long Distance-14 Something Sakura - Long Distance-32 Something Sakura - Long Distance-9 Something Sakura - Long Distance-23 Something Sakura - Long Distance-25 Something Sakura - Long Distance-20Something Sakura - Long Distance-26 Something Sakura - Long Distance-18 Something Sakura - Long Distance-28 Something Sakura - Long Distance-12 Something Sakura - Long Distance-24 Something Sakura - Long Distance-30 Something Sakura - Long Distance-7 Something Sakura - Long Distance-41 Something Sakura - Long Distance-33 we’ve kept it on the DL for a few months now, but I posted on Instagram a couple days ago that Collin and I will be doing long distance starting end of July.  We met almost three and a half years ago and we’ve basically been together ever since and never did I thought we would do long distance.  Starting August, Collin will be attending Georgetown University in Washington D.C. for grad school and I couldn’t be more proud & excited for him.  This whole situation is nothing but bittersweet.

People ask why I won’t just move to DC with him, but I just can’t with everything I have going on right now.  Bloguettes is doing great and growing day by day and I need to be in the office more than ever with Lorena (my business partner) having a baby a couple weeks ago.  I love it here and I love what I have going on! If I didn’t have Bloguettes, I would move to DC in a heartbeat though.  At the same time, a whole lot happens in a year and who knows where I’ll be down the road.  Though I’d rather not do long distance, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.  I think it’s important for us to grow individually in our career and we’ll be stronger coming out of this!

In two weeks we leave phoenix for our cross-country road trip to move him out to DC.  We’re gonna be stopping in Marfa, Austin, New Orleans, and Nashville- and I just can’t wait for this little adventure!  I’ve always wanted to do a cross-country road trip and I finally get to.  You better believe me when I say I’ll be documenting every second of it (and collin will not be thrilled HA).  If you have any great recommendations for restaurants and spots to check out in those cities, comment below! I’ve been wanting to work with the talented Tish Carlson for some time now and we finally got a date set to be able to shoot some photos of Collin and I.  Tish is a talented wedding & lifestyle photographer and really knew how to capture that raw/candid moments and I knew she would be perfect to do this shoot for us.  THANK YOU, TISH!! Thank you all so much for the sweet comments & the long-distance advice.  It’ll really help me these next couple years! xx


photography by Tish Carlson | custom macramé by Desert Loom