Something Sakura: My Beauty Faves

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Every girl has their favorite, every day beauty products and though I may not blog much about beauty products, I figured I’d do a post on my beauty faves.  There’s a lot of products that I use that I didn’t list here, but these listed are all my every day beauty must-haves!  Here’s one thing about me, I’m not a huge beauty/make up type of person and I hate spending money on expensive products without knowing that someone loves it or recommends it.  Fortunate enough for me, my best friend, Patrick Ta, is a celebrity make up artist and he always tells me what I need to get so I don’t have to go through the disappointment of buying an expensive moisturizer and end up hating it!

Now please keep in mind that I’m not a big eyeshadow, glam person.  I personally like the natural make up look with the glowy skin, lashes, and a pop of lip color.  BTW I’m BIG on lashes if you didn’t know already and cannot live without my lash extensions, so if you are thinking about getting them or want to learn more about them, read my Lash Extensions FAQ post here.  Okay, I’m gonna BREAK.IT.DOWN. on how I use each of these products.

1. HIGHLIGHTER – Becca x Jaclyn Hill “Champagne Pop” 

So this product has been a game changer for me, because not only do you get a glowy look, but it also makes your skin look nice and pretty.  I’m sure there’s multiple ways to use highlighters, but this is my final touch when applying makeup.  I put it on after I put my blush on my upper cheek bones as well as the bridge of my nose.  Make sure to not use too much though, because it can make you look greasy at the end of the day cause you can look extra shiny!  This color would honestly look good on anyone as it is just a nice little champagne tone.

2. MASCARA – L’oreal “Luminous Carbon Black”

I’m super picky when it comes to mascara.  I’ve tried a lot of different kinds- cheap & expensive ones, but always end up going back to the first mascara I’ve ever used.  I’m sure there are tons of other amazing mascaras you’ve tried, but this one has always been my one & only.  The brush is perfect, the texture is perfect.  You can cake on as much as you want or you can put as little as you want and you’ll still get your lashes looking perfect!  You can get this anywhere from Target, WalMart, to any pharmacy stores.

3. LIPSTICK #1 – MAC “Whirl”

Okay, so I’ve listed four of my must-have lipsticks today that I use everyday.  The first one I listed is Whirl from MAC. This lip color is my newest obsession and though it might look like a nude color, it’s actually a deep pink color- though the bf says it looks brown. HA. It makes me feel like a sophisticated woman- it’s not too pink, it’s not too red, it’s the perfect & sexy every day lip color.

4. SUNSCREEN – Shiseido “UV protection cream”

Believe it or not, I have freckles that I don’t necessarily love.  I know a lot of people think they’re cute, but I’d rather just prefer a perfectly clean flawless skin.  Anywhooo. Whether you have freckles or not, it’s important to always wear sunscreen!  I live in Arizona so the sun is beaming all year, so I especially need to have a good sunscreen that I can rely on.  When using sunscreen, you obviously need a sunscreen that is made to be worn under your makeup and this will do just that.  It’s perfectly light, smooth, and NOT oily- which is the most important.  My mom actually has been wearing this same sunscreen ever since I can remember.  I recently went into Sephora and even they recommended it!  Try it out!

5. LIPSTICK #2 – MAC “Blankety”

My second must-have lip color is Blankety from MAC.  It’s the perfect creamy pink/nude color I’ve come across that I can’t live without.  I have naturally red lips, so I always had to dab on a little bit of concealer under my nude lip color, but with this one I don’t have to!  I honestly cannot talk this one up enough.  Out of all four colors, this will probably be more of my everyday/wear it to work lip color!

6. CONCEALER – MAC Concealer “NC 30”

I’ve listed two concealers in my faves and that’s because I use them both everyday!  I’ve been using this one the longest and I like to use this one as my base.  It’s the first thing I put on after my primer and I put them under my eyes and whatever else I have to cover up (zits, rashes, etc.) then I’ll put my foundation over it.  If you’re looking for a light, smooth, creamy concealer this isn’t the one for you, but it really covers everything up!  That’s why I like to use this one to cover up my bags and such!  I also listed the specific color I use for those that have similar skin tone as me.

7. LIPSTICK #3 – MAC “Cherish”

Okay, so this is another one of my favorite nude-ish color.  Basically this one is just slightly a darker nude than Blankety on #5.

8. HIGHLIGHTER – Giorgio Armani “Fluid Sheer 10”

Although this is listed as a highlighter, I use it to make my skin a little dewy & glowy- basically, have it look super moisturized, not dry.  Though you can most definitely use it as a highlighter like I do with my Becca highlighter, I add 2 small pumps of Fluid Sheer into my liquid foundation and mix it before adding it onto my skin.  This is a little trick I learned from Patrick and though it’s definitely an investment, it’s totally worth it and it’ll last awhile!  For those of you Gigi Hadid fans, this is what he uses on her skin to add that glow!  I HIGHLY recommend it!  They also have different shades, but you definitely want that pinky tone.

9. MOISTURIZER – Amore Pacific “Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydrating Gel”

My mom has always stressed to me the importance of skin care and if you’re spending a lot of money on any beauty product, it should be to for your skin.  Your moisturizer is crucially important as it keeps it looking nice & plump like a wittle baby’s bottom!  My skin can get quite dry in the winter, so I love this hydrating gel from Amore Pacific.  My skin tends to break out if I’m wearing too much heavy product, so I really like this moisturizer as it feels super thin as you’re putting on your face!

10. BROW PENCIL – MAC “Brunette”

I always bought cheap brow pencils from pharmacies, but this one was recommended to me by Patrick too and I love it.  I know some people like to have their brows darker than their hair color, but when you have dark hair like me, I think you should go slightly lighter than your color. The tip of this brow pencil is super thin & little, so you can totally draw your brows in without it being too much- it also glides on nice and smoothly without it getting to chalky!  I love this color for my hair color!

11. PRIMER – Laura Mercier “Foundation Primer | Radiance”

Laura Mericer has some amazing products and I’m obsessed with their primers.  I love the Radiance primer because it has a little shine and glow to it to add to my liquid foundation!  I never used primers before, but once you do, you understand why primers exist!

12. FOUNDATION – MAC “Studio Fix Liquid Foundation NC30”

Okay, everyone has different preference on foundation and that’s totally fine because everyone has very different skin types!  I’ve tried many different liquid foundations and I always end up going back to the MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation.  This foundation is definitely a full coverage foundation and though I might need it, I just love the way it feels on my skin and makes my skin look.  Again, it might not be for everyone, but it doesn’t make my skin oily at all, it lasts all day- and that’s all anyone asks for from their liquid foundation right?! I wear the color NC30 during the winter when I’m a bit lighter, and NC35 in the spring & summer when I’m a bit darker!

13. LIPSTICK #4 – MAC “Diva”

A red lipstick is definitely a necessity, but for me personally, I love a deep red- almost like a wine red.  I’ve been obsessed with Diva and it might be a tad bit too dark for some people, but it’s definitely the perfectly lip color to go out in!  I think it’s definitely a “sexy” color and highly HIGHLY recommend it to everyone! 

14. CONCEALER #2 – NARS “Creamy Concealer Custard”

This is the concealer I like to use to contour, so the concealer I like to use over my liquid foundation.  I put it under my eye as well as the bridge of my nose and let it sit for 3 minutes before I start blending it in with my Beauty Blender.  When they call it “creamy”, it’s no joke.  It really is a super creamy concealer and I love the way it looks, that’s why I think it’s perfect to use it to do a little contouring!

Welp, that’s it for now!  Please feel free to comment below for any questions about the products I’ve listed above or anything else!  Happy Tuesday! xo