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IMG_9459IMG_9473copyIMG_9439IMG_9435IMG_9440WeddingCollageshoesIMG_9362Upstate New York is nothing like Arizona- let’s just say it’s a lot greener.  There are rabbits, deers, squirrels, raccoons, and so many more animals running around everywhere- everything is just so picturesque!  My family on my dad’s side all lives in Upstate New York so I’ve been there numerous times and I’ve always loved it (minus all the bugs)!

We were up in Monroe, New York for my aunt’s wedding where her and her fiancé rented out this beautiful estate called, Arrow Park, for the wedding.  Arrow Park is built on 53 acres with a gorgeous house that was built in 1910 that contains 12 bedrooms where most of the family & wedding party stayed. We all had so much fun exploring the nature, going for hikes, and going down to the beach to go fishing and taking the rowing boats out!

The wedding itself was so beautiful- it felt like we were in Italy!  Not only were we there to celebrate their wedding, but it was also a huge family reunion!  It was a blast staying at the house with all of my crazy big Irish family and I’m so happy that the bf got to meet all of them!  I was able to capture some beautiful shots of the property, but the pictures doesn’t do it justice!

We’ve been in the City for the last two days, so be sure to be look out for my NYC posts!