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Life has been crazy lately.  I’ve constantly been on the go and haven’t had a second to do anything… like blogging!  We had our Bloguettes workshop in Phoenix last weekend and I left to Vegas the very next morning for Magic Market Week (blog posts to come)!   It’s been nonstop, but I finally had a second to catch up with life this past weekend and I’m excited to get the chance to share and tell you all what Bloguettes is all about!

Bloguettes is a fun, 2-day branding workshop for business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs!  We cover the basics of Photoshop, social media, photography, blogging, and the business of blogging all in just 2 days to help you brand your business/blog and grow your traffic!  We’ve had everyone from real estate agents, jewelry designers, hair stylists, to fashion bloggers- so just about anyone!  Blog utters teaches the basics of Photoshop, to show our students how to create their own flyers, graphics, business cards, newsletters, and more- so they don’t have waste hundreds and thousands of dollars on a graphic designer every month (yikes!).  Without Photoshop, it is impossible to visually brand a business/blog in today’s tech savvy world.  Just by knowing Photoshop, the limit is endless!  We break up each of our Photoshop lessons with discussions on a bunch of different topics – social media, blogging, business of blogging, and photography.  These discussions are my favorite part of our workshops, as we give our students helpful tips, examples, success stories, and stats.  Plus, it’s a great opportunity for our students to ask questions!

Lorena (my dear friend/business partner) and I joined forces back in September of last year and got to work on creating Bloguettes! It’s crazy to say that we’ve had 4 successful workshops since May and, starting next month, we are heading out of state to San Diego, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Dallas!  None of this would be possible without our wonderful girls, Candace & Jess- it’s all about having a great team!

These are photos from our Phoenix workshop last weekend that was held at SocialWhirled!  We had such a wonderful group of passionate women attend our workshop, and things could not have gone any better!  The best part about teaching this workshop is seeing our students leave the workshop feeling inspired and motivated, with new friends and hundreds of new skills!

If you have any questions regarding the workshop, head on over to the website or feel free to shoot me an email and I would be happy to answer your questions!  I hope to see some of you there!

Happy Monday! xo

P.S. Purchase #BloguettesTees here!


Special Thank You: SocialWhirled (space), Ty & Mike (video), Cleo & Clementine (backdrop), Flower Child (Food), Chestnut (Food), and all the goody bag sponsors!