Something Sakura- What I Ask My Hairdresser

I often get asked what I tell my hairdresser to achieve my look or who I go to in AZ, so I figured I’d do a blog post on it!  The thing is, I’m really bad about getting trims, cuts, and color!  I like to look the best possible without having a whole lot of maintenance hah.  I’ll explain what I ask for but, I thought it’d be more beneficial for my best friend and hairdresser, Shayla Collier, do the explaining so you can literally read this to your hairdresser to achieve my look!  If you are local, you should most definitely see Shayla! I’m obviously biased, but she’s amazing + talented, she’s sweet, she’s so fun!

[Please note: Recent photos of my hair are the result of 8 months of growth since we’ve colored it last.]


My natural hair color is dark brown.  What you always see at the top.  I ask for a caramel color, and not too ashy or warm. I hate the yellow look and I’m definitely not trying to go blonde!  I ask the lighter colors to frame my face and start about brow/eye-level and not be streaky (have it nicely blended).

As for cut, I ask for long layers and again frame my face.  My front pieces start at my chin level and work its way down.  At the end when she’s done cutting and coloring my hair, I always put my hair up in a ponytail and pull out the small baby hair by my ears and around my temple to trim them up because I love having short pieces out when I put my hair up!



We do a full Foilyage (mixing balayage and standard foiling) backcombing thin slices away from the scalp, gradually getting closer and closer to the scalp as we reach the front of the hairline. Slightly taking more sections of thin backcombed slices near the front hairline to create the #moneypiece around the face. (Wella Blondor Lightner + 20 volume)

After processing, removing foils + shampooing comes the fun part. We use Redken ShadesEQ to create a “shadow” on the base of the hair (we call it Shadow Toning) to give it a much more natural look. (6n + 7n)

Then tone the ends with Redken ShadesEQ (8n+9p) to give them a natural feel, staying away from too much ash + too much warmth.

Previous cut: Blunt cut the ends then added lots of long + a few shorter layers. Also creating face framing starting at chin/slightly below.