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oh my goodnesssss!! FINALLY a blog post after four whole months! This is the longest hiatus i’ve taken from writing a blog post and i’ve hated every minute of it.  I really don’t want to use the excuse of being “busy” as an excuse, but I’m gonna use that card because I’ve been just on the go nonstop.  Bloguettes have been taking over my life more than ever and I’m really also trying to focus and pay attention to my friendships, relationships, and most importantly… keeping myself sane.  Just because I haven’t posted in 4 months, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve completelyyyy neglected my blog- I’ve been working on my 2016 blog plan as well as different outfit shoots and new content!

I’m fortunate to have an amazing team around me including my “blog cheerleader”/ Bloguettes business partner, Lorena, my amazingly talented photographer, Hannah Minkner of Minkmade, and my super stylish stylist, Julie Tuchin!  With these amazing ladies, we’re going to be bringing magic to the blog.

Okay, enough shop talk… let’s talk about fashion! I’ve always been a huge fan of suede and I’m glad it’s making its way back into style cause now I can find it EVERYWHERE- especially this fall/winter season!  It doesn’t get really cold here in Arizona, so I have to try to find the perfect not-so-hot way dress like it’s fall.  I matched the plain suede dress with a bright red hat to spruce up the outfit along with some simple accessories!  If you’re a local Arizonan, I got everything that I’m wearing from Frances Vintage (minus the booties), so make sure to make a stop if you need to do a little shopping.  For those of you that are not and want this look, check out the links above for some similar styles!

I spent this past weekend in Palm Springs celebrating the boy’s birthday so be out on the lookout for a blog post on that this week!  I’ll be sharing a little bit more details about my direction + blog this week. stay tuned and have a wonderful monday, peeps! xo


photography by Minkmade | styling by Julie Tuchin