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I’d like to consider our company (Bloguettes) a pretty fashionable company!  We don’t really have a dress code, besides look appropriate & cute!  It’s never weird if you’re dressed up, or if you’re dressed down wearing chucks.  I definitely am one to mix it up in the office and depending on what I have scheduled for the day, I like to every now and then wear heels to the office.  Us, Arizonans don’t really walk a lot, so I never have to worry about my feet hurting if I wear heels!

I’ve been obsessing over trench coats for quite some time and I’ve been eyeing this particular sleeveless trench coat from Theory cause even if it starts getting warmer in the next month, I can wear it wayyy longer than I could if they had long sleeves!  I feel a bit Kris Jenner in this, but I like it cause it’s black and it’ll go with everything and anything.

I’ve been absolutely swamped every day at the office for the last month!  On top of our everyday day to day work, we have our new Bloguettes website launching next week as well as our new booklet design deadline to beat- we definitely didn’t plan for this to happen at the same time, but you just gotta go with the flow sometimes.  I’ll be headed out to LA this weekend to speak at my great friend, Karen’s brunch event called Building Bridges Brunch on Social Media.  I look forward to spending time with good friends and having a fun weekend with the girls!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! xo


photography by Minkmade | styling by Julie Tuchin