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We will be ringing in the new year in just a few short days and I’m extremely excited for 2015 to come.  I’ve always been a fan of celebrating the new year– new goals, new ambitions, new resolutions.  It’s a great way to turn the page and start out fresh.  2014 was definitely one for the books! I traveled a lot, loved a lot, and learned a lot about myself.  I’ve learned about what the true meaning of happiness is, what it means to be heart broken, and what’s actually really important in life– like I said, one for the books.

Life is unpredictable and you can only learn & grow from everything.  I wouldn’t take anything back from 2014, because overall it was a great year and I have become a better version of myself.  I’m an extremely guarded person because of my past experiences, but I’ve become more open and have learned to be vulnerable– and only good will come out of it.

I’m ready to make 2015 even better with these 7 New Year’s resolutions and I can’t wait! Plus, my mom saw a really famous psychic 2 years ago and the psychic said 2015 was my year… so, we shall see about that!

I hope everyone has a wonderful & safe New Year’s Eve! xo


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