Something Sakura: 25 Random Things I Get Asked Often

Last year I did a post similar to this where I just listed 25 totally random facts about me (you can read it here) and I had a blast doing it and got a lot of response to it.  My weekend was pretty open so I figured I’d do the same, but answering the top 25 questions I get asked often!   If I missed something, feel free to comment below so I can answer them for ya!

1. What filter do you use for your Instagram photos? I use VSCOcam to edit my photos and I use the HB2 filter from the Hypebeast collection.  I also really like the A6 filter, but I mainly use the HB2 to keep it consistent. The trick is to really play with the intensity and the basic settings for every photo cause it’ll vary depending on the photo.

2. What foundation do you use? I get this question asked often because people say my makeup lasts all day, so I figured I’d answer this one.  I just use MAC’s Studio Fix Liquid Foundation (NC30) and add two pumps of Giorgio Armani’s Fluid Sheer into my foundation to give it a glow.  I’ve tried different foundations, but always end up going back to this one!  Try to make a habit of not touching your face throughout the day though- I truly believe that’s what helps it last looking fresh & long lasting!  If you want to read more about my everyday makeup products, read my post on it here!

3. How old are you? 25. I’ll be turning 26 at the end of June! AH.

4. What camera do you use? For the last couple of years, I have been using the Canon Rebel T3i and it was a great first DSLR to play around with and get familiar with all of the settings!  I recently upgraded to Canon EOS 6D for about $1,500 for just the body.  I contemplated on getting the Canon Mark III 5D, but the wifi won me over as well as it being slightly cheaper!  I use the same lens that I did on my T3i and I still see a BIG difference in quality though the T3i had great quality still.  If you are a beginner though- the Canon Rebel T3i will be a great first camera for you to learn on!

5. What do you like to do on your free time? Doing just this- blogging.  It’s really difficult for me to find time to sit down on the couch in a clean home and just sit and blog.  I rarely find time to do it, but I really enjoy it.  I also love to spend time with my boyfriend and friends or work out!

6. What’s your favorite clothing store? If I can pick one store to shop from for the rest of my life, I’d have to say it Anthropologie!  I love their feminine touch yet their casual cute-ness.  Their home decor section is also amazing- I can just go on and on about Anthro, so I’ll stop there.

7. Do you take any type of biotin supplements for your hair? I take a biotin product called Purvana and let me tell you… it REALLY WORKS.  I cut my 10in of my hair (well, for me) a little over a year ago and I’m back to the length it used to be now!  It also really helps me with my nails because if I’m not sleeping well or eating right, my nails start peeling!

8. How do you edit your photos for your blog? I use Lightroom to edit all photos for my blog!  I purchased the 002 preset from VSCO and apply those presets for the different look & feel and adjust each setting! Remember, there’s no right or wrong way when it comes to editing your photos. 

9. Out of Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator, which one do you think is most beneficial to learn? Well, it all depends on what you are using it for and trying to achieve.  Each and every Adobe software is completely different and has different purposes for it.  I would have to say, I use Photoshop and Lightroom the most out of the three with what I do!

10. Where did you purchase your blog theme? I host my blog off of wordpress.ORG (not .com) and I purchased my theme through bluchic.com and customized it on my own to achieve the look and feel I want!

11. Do you only Instagram photos from your camera? Nope! When it comes to Instagram, I use a little bit of both!  When it comes to photos from my blog posts, they are typically photos that were shot on a camera, but anything that’s right then and there, I just use my iPhone 6S+!  As long as you do a good job editing, you can make iPhone photography look AMAZING.

12. What does your name mean and is that really your real name? Yes, that is my real name. lol. My mom is Japanese and she really wanted me to have a Japanese name.  Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese 🙂

13. How do you pronounce it? Well, if ya aint got that Japanese pronunciation down- it’s pronounced like it’s spelt SA-KUR(CER)-A. NOT SA-KOR-A or SA-CURE-A!

14. When did you start blogging? I guess technically my first blog was with my best friend in college and it was called The Bestest hah. I learned the hardship of having a blog after The Bestest and a couple years later started The Sorority Secrets with two other gals, then my personal blog, Something Sakura, in 2013!

15. Who’s your favorite blogger? I love Amber Fillerup from Barefoot Blonde.  I love seeing how her blog has evolved to her personal diary with her family growing, yet keep her fashion & beauty aesthetics up.  I really use this blog as my creative outlet/journal as well, so I hope the more I do it, the more it evolves into something like that.  In the mean time, I love keeping it as is 🙂

16. Are you originally from Arizona? Nope! I was born in San Diego and spent the majority of my childhood in Tokyo, Japan before we moved to Northern Nevada where I spent the majority of my childhood!

17. How did you and your Bloguettes’ business partner, Lorena, meet? We met randomly at a dinner I was invited to then we were coincidentally signed up for the same leadership retreat that next day and spent the rest of the weekend together!  We just clicked immediately and would meet often for lunch or coffee and our friendship eventually evolved into becoming business partners once we decided we wanted to start Bloguettes!

18. Do you have eyelash extensions?  YUP! Since I was 17 years old! EEEEK.  Read my Lash Extension FAQ here if you are considering getting them done!

19. Where do you download your fonts? I download a lot of them from dafont or Creative Market.  When it comes to any of the hand lettering fonts, I usually get frustrated looking for a good one for hours, so I started doing majority of it on my own.  I typically use either Illustrator, Photoshop, or even do it by hand and scan it- It really just depends on the day and how I’m feeling.

20. Do you schedule out your blog posts? You know… I really try, but blogging takes way more time than people think.  Especially when it’s more than just putting in photos and not writing any content.  I like my posts to be well thought out and have some heart behind it, so it always ends up taking way longer.  I may not schedule my posts, though it would make life easier, but I always make it a habit to make a list of definite posts for the month to make it happen!

21. What do you do to workout? Well I always like to switch things up, but lately I’ve been loving doing some free weight workouts!  I never really knew what I was doing until I got the Bombshell Body Guide by Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential and it really helped me with my workout routines!  I used to have to rely on workout classes or just do the stupid cardio machines, but now I feel like I’m getting a full body work out every time!  I also love Pure Barre as well 🙂

22. Where did you & your boyfriend meet? We met on a random Monday night out when we were both dragged to go out by our friends!  We had tons of mutual friends, but never had crossed paths until one magical night at a random dive bar- so totally romantic, right?! jaykay. We went on our first date later that week!

23. How long have you guys been together? Close to about 3 years? We had a couple months where we took a little break there tho- heh.

24. How do you manage running a company like Bloguettes, your personal blog, and The Sorority Secrets along other projects? To be honest, I don’t know how I do it.  I guess with some time management? The thing is, I never stop working or doing something. There’s ALWAYS something going on, but the key to everything is… passion.  If you are passionate about it, you’ll work even during your free time for it to make it work.  Gotta hustle, right? 😉

25. What’s your goal with everything? I get asked this a lot… like A LOT.  A part of me thinks it’s kind of an annoying question because I don’t want to think that far ahead, but it’s totally a valid question and I DO think about it all the time- what IS my goal?  I guess my goal has always been to just do something I’m passionate about and be able to engrave my name into something in the future- to live happy, secure, and healthy. This blog specifically is for it to be my creative space and in a way, my personal diary- I think it’s always fun to look back on old blog posts and relive that moment again 🙂

Again, if you guys have any questions comment below!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! xo