I’ve been obsessed with feathers for quite a few years now.  I wore a dainty gold chain with a small feather on it for 3+ years after a life changing experience to help remind me everyday that happiness & freedom is in the power of our hands, no one else’s.  When I started brainstorming and thinking about my blog, I knew that I wanted a feather to symbolize my blog and I had to have it incorporated in my logo.

I wanted to design something graceful for this special post.  After taking a water color workshop, I have been obsessed with water color.  There’s something so relaxing about water color and I knew that I had to had to tie it into the design!  Graceful & relaxing… bingo.

Feel free to use it as your background for your phone as a reminder for you to have!

Remember, if you aren’t happy… do something about it.  Be Free.

Happy Friday, everyone! xo

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Graphic Created by: Sakura Considine