Something Sakura: Boob Jobs for the Conservative Gals

Alright, so today’s post is something I never in a million years thought writing about, but I thought it was necessary to write about it for my fellow conservative flat chested gals like me. Yes, girlfriends, I’m writing about getting your hoohas done.

Since I was twelve years old, I had been waiting for my boobs to grow. I would always say to myself, when I’m 18 they will grow. Did it happen? Nope. Well, flash-forward to age 24, I was still waiting for them to grow. Breast augmentation was something that was always on the back of my mind, but never did I ever think I would actually do it, never did I ever think I would get plastic surgery, and never did I ever think I would spend that kind of money for boobs (welp, never say never. Lol.).

I’m pretty conservative in all realm, especially how I dress & my sexuality. I’ve never been someone that flaunts my goods and I never will be, but I wanted to feel like a girl. I’ve always worn an A-cup size and I just didn’t feel confident nor good in my own skin, especially when I had to wear a swimsuit! I don’t want to get too far into details, but here are some important points I really want to highlight during my process.

What I wanted & got:  small Cs (125CCs)

1. Do your OWN research to find your surgeon
When I seriously started thinking about getting my boobs done, I decided to ask my friends for their recommendation and realized that the type of work I wanted was completely different from them. I really learned that every doctor does such different types of work and it’s really important for you to do your own research than trusting a friend’s recommendation!

2. Look at the surgeon’s website gallery
Check out the surgeon’s before + after gallery. Some doctors do really big unnatural looking boob jobs and some go more for the natural. By going to the galleries, it’ll give you a good idea of what to expect. ***Something also to consider is that typically when those after shots are taken, it’s still pretty new and the implants are still pretty high, so don’t judge too hard!

3. Silicone or saline?
Again, I had no idea what the difference going into it. I’m also not a professional at this, so don’t quote me on everything, but I decided to go with silicone. Here is the difference between the two:

• Is better for girls that are pretty flat with not a whole lot of fat to work with
• Looks & feels more natural
• Lower chance of rippling (rippling is when you lean forward and you can see the ripple in your implants)
• It was about $1,200 more than saline
• I was told that for the natural end result that I really wanted, my doctor really recommended for me to go with silicone.

• Cheaper option
• Has a tendency to look firmer & rounder than silicone implants
• Better for girls starting off with some fat, so hard to see the ripples.

4. Save your $$$
I was saving for quite some time. They have financing options, but the interest is really high and I think it’s just better to pay upfront if you can! I ended up paying between $7-8k total.

5. “Always go bigger” …or not?
I knew going into this that I wanted something very natural. I was thinking small Cs… maybe even large Bs. As I did my research and asked around, a lot of people told me to go bigger, because I wouldn’t want to regret going too small, but for me, I knew exactly what I wanted. I will admit that I was torn for a little while and I actually didn’t tell my doctor the exact ccs I wanted in my implants until the day of my surgery! They ended up putting 125CCs in my implants. Oh! Which reminds me, don’t stress too much on comparing CCs to others because it all depends on what you start with!

6. Recovery time
I got my surgery done on a Thursday morning and was back in the office on Monday! Of course, I was still a little sore and there were some bruising, but I was totally fine to get back to work a few days later!

7. Let it drop
Post surgery, I was a little freaked out because they were sitting pretty high + hard. They also looked bigger than what I was expecting, but give it some time. It probably took about 6-8 months before it completely dropped and felt natural.

8. Under the boob
I chose to have my implants inserted under the boob. I have a teeny tiny scar that you can barely see! I have a few friends that went through the armpit & through the nipple, but this was just the option I went with after asking around and doing my research!

9. Best time in the year to do it?
I got mine done the first week of February and I don’t think it was bad, but I definitely would have done it later in the year than earlier. I think my boobs were still a little too high and was still healing during swimsuit season in the summer, so I would definitely recommend doing it in the fall or winter!
I hope this blog post helped many of you feel a little more informed and comfortable if this is something you have been thinking about. I am so happy that I chose to do it and I feel so much more confident in my own skin and being in a swimsuit (lbh, naked too. lol.). I didn’t do it for anyone else, but me. I’m so happy with the outcome, my doctor, everything!