IMG_8952 copyIMG_8935IMG_8953IMG_8938IMG_8933Here’s the thing… I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for a really, really long time now.  I was just too chicken to, but after a rough month- I needed the change.  This may not be technically “short”, but it definitely feels short after cutting 11inches off! I have an amazing hair dresser here in Arizona that happens to be my best friend from my hometown.  The great thing about having your best friend as your hair dresser is that you can tell her exactly what you want without hurting feelings, but you gotta remember- they’re gonna do it right back to you. Shayla was so hesitant about cutting my hair for the longest time and was afraid that I would regret it, but I finally convinced her to.  It’s the perfect length, perfect color, and OMG does it feel healthy– I couldn’t be happier with it. Parlour A Salon is the cutest salon that Shayla’s sister, Alayna, opened up and they just have the cutest, most talented stylists there!  I always get asked about who does my hair & color on Instagram, so you’ll find the contact below!  xo Shayla Collier – (480)800-9990 Parlour A Salon – (480) 389-0597