Something Sakura: Homehome2

Going home for the holidays is always such a nice change of pace– I was extremely lazy the entire time and it was exactly what I needed.  With my sister being out of high school now and living in California, I don’t know how many more holidays I will be spending in my hometown.  All of my friends are starting a family of their own and they aren’t coming home for the holidays as much anymore, so it’s just not the same as it used to be… I guess that’s what happens when you get older (eeek)!  Looking on the bright side though, we had tons of quality family time. 🙂

For New Years, my friends and I road tripped to Vegas to spend it with some of our best friends that live in Vegas for a nice low-key New Year’s Eve.  We spent the evening cooking some “good luck” dishes and made a bon fire to sit around and reflect on 2014, what we learned, and how we’re going to apply what we learned in 2015.  2014 was a big year for all of my friends and I– we all feel as though it was our first year of “adulthood”, as cheesy as that sounds.  I was surrounded by my closest friends and it was exactly what we all needed to ring in the new year.

Always remember to be present & grateful… always. xo