House Update // New Insulation with Elevation Solar

Something Sakura: Home Updates // Elevation Solar

So as most of you guys know by now, our home is a 1940s historic home in a historic neighborhood near Downtown Phoenix, and we absolutely love it!  We knew that the house needed some work, but it was a perfect house that we can call home without having to do too much to it! Our priority was getting proper insulation, electrical, and then the kitchen.  We’re trying to get everything done before the baby comes in 4 weeks, but we’ll see if we can get it done! One thing we did get done about a month ago was getting our house correctly insulated. We worked with Elevation Solar to help with our insulation, and they were terrific to work with!  


Before I go any further, I want to explain what proper insulation could do because I wasn’t really familiar with it in the beginning.  So because our house was built in the 40s, our house didn’t have new insulation since the 60s! That means it was old and it wasn’t doing its job of keeping the air in the house stay in the house- this also results in polluted air coming into the house (which isn’t good for any of us, especially the baby) and wasting a ton of energy/money keeping the house cool or hot!  Our house was freezing in the winter (even if we had the heater on) and hot in the summer (also if we had the AC on).


So, now that you understand a little more, this was really a huge priority for us especially with the baby coming!  We decided to work with Elevation Solar, because of their years of expertise and the multiple services they offer! We started with an energy audit at our house.  They came to our house and checked out EVERYTHING, and at the end, they ran a test to show us how much energy we’re wasting. We found out that we could be saving hundreds a year with proper insulation and that of course, our insulations were super old.  A few weeks later, their team spent half a day at our house and fixed everything- they went up to the attic and added new insulation, they properly air sealed all the vents in the house, and they installed an energy monitor called CURB to help us know exactly how much power we’re using, so we can save $$$!


The Elevation Solar team were all so incredibly nice + professional, and they knew exactly what they were doing!  At the end of it all, they ran the same exact test they did at the energy audit and the results were completely different!  I even felt the difference in the house IMMEDIATELY! Our next goal is to get solar panels installed for the house and Elevation Solar will definitely be doing it for us!