How I Stay Organized with Milanote [YOUTUBE]


I don’t know about you guys, but for the longest time, I’ve had multiple tools + apps to keep me “organized”. Using multiple tools + apps actually kept me unorganized because of the difficulty to manage and update all of them, but I had no other solution. I had one for note taking, one for task management/to do lists, I created powerpoint presentations to create mood boards for photo shoot planning and inspiration, and another for team management. Yeah, a lot of fricken tools. That is until I discovered Milanote.

I’ve used all the tools that are out there: Asana, Evernote, Teux Deux, Google Keep, Basecamp, and more! Milanote is unlike any other tool that I’ve ever used. Milanote calls themselves a planning tool for creative projects with an infinite workspace. How you want to organize your workspace is up to you. It’s for individual + teams to collaborate and use. I started using Milanote because I was frustrated with not only all of the tools that I had to use, but because of the tools in itself. I started using Milanote on my own, then started using it with my team, and now we work day to day in Milanote.

Because Milanote has an infinite workspace, I think people find it difficult to start and get hung up on how exactly that want to organize their space. Well lucky for you, I’ve put a lot of time into figuring out Milanote and what’s the best way to use this magical tool. Check out my YouTube video to see how exactly I have laid out my Milanote and use it day to day!

If you guys have any questions re: Milanote, comment below! Thank you to Milanote for reaching out and partnering up with me on this post.

PS This partnership came a few months after I had already been using Milanote. You all already know I wouldn’t share anything I didn’t love!

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