Kitchen Remodel – Before + After

If you’ve been following for a while, you know how crazy this time was when our kitchen remodel was happening! hah. We were so indecisive about everything, and I was seven months pregnant when we started our kitchen remodel process, and we got everything done two weeks before we had the baby!  I was so scared that the baby was going to come during remodeling, and we were doing the complete opposite of nesting! Thank goodness she came a week late, and everything turned out perfectly!  It was all thanks to Cabinet Solutions, though! Before I dive into the details of our kitchen remodel, let me tell you the backstory first.

About the house:

We moved into our house a week before we found out that I was pregnant.  We loved the layout of the house and the 1940 historic charm.   Before we even knew we were pregnant, we always said that this is a baby #1 house. That obviously came a lot sooner than we expected hah.  Before we moved in, the old owners (or flippers) had done minor/cheap cosmetic work to it.  We had planned on doing work on the house in stages over time, but after we found out we were pregnant, we knew that the priority was the kitchen before the baby came.



The issues – no storage, not functional, a lot of dead space, and not my style.  My biggest frustration was that we hardly had ANY storage when we actually have a lot of space.  We don’t have a pantry, we only have TWO tiny drawers in the corner that bumps into each other, it just wasn’t functional at all!  We had this big space in the middle of the kitchen and there were no cabinets or anything on the other side of the wall where the window is! When it comes to the aesthetic of the kitchen before, it was just a cheap tile sheet and I didn’t feel the warmth in the kitchen that the house brought.



Isn’t the difference night + day?!  We are just absolutely in love with our new kitchen! It’s warm, it’s open, we have double the storage, and it feels bigger!  Here are the deets below!



We worked with Cabinet Solutions for all of our cabinetry work including the island!  Our storage has more than doubled and I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out!  I really wanted a sage green color on the bottom half of our cabinets to bring the warmth in this old historic home of ours.  I especially love our hardwood floor, so wanted something to go with it!  The white that we chose was Regal White and the green that we went with was the Sherwin Williams Green Earth 298-c6 paint color.  It looked a little darker in the sample color, but I always heard that the actual paint is always slightly lighter than the sample.  I trusted my gut and went with this color, and I couldn’t be happier with it!  The Cabinet Solution team was INCREDIBLE.  I worked primarily with Carson and Kate, and those girls are just the sweetest!  They worked so fast for us knowing that we were expecting our little babe at any moment, and they were just so professional.  They definitely know what they’re talking about, and I just totally trusted them when it comes to creating more storage in our little kitchen!

I couldn’t thank Cabinet Solutions enough and I highly recommend working with them!



We used our hardware for that modern touch in our kitchen!  We worked with Distinct Hardware who works closely with Cabinet Solutions, and they just have the most beautiful stylish hardware.  I wanted brass looking hardware and am obsessed with the ones that we chose.  The style we went with is the Colonial Bronze Matte Satin Bronze M10.  I never knew how important hardware was until we got ours put in and it just had that finishing touch to the new kitchen.  Working with Distinct Hardware was incredible.  They have a wide selection of hardware and they were so nice and professional!


Woodwork: Butcher Top + Shelves

I knew I had to have a butcher top for the kitchen island when I started designing the kitchen.  I wanted to brighten up the kitchen with white cabinets, but also have wooden accents to warm it up.  We had our friend, Anthony, from Wrenwood Works do our woodwork and we couldn’t be happier!  He also makes really cool custom furniture and I couldn’t recommend him enough!



We got our backsplash porcelain tile from Floor + Decor.  I tried finding the exact one online, but I couldn’t find it and I don’t remember what it’s called- sorry!  I’m sure if you show a picture of our backsplash, they will be able to find it for you!


I hope you guys enjoyed our kitchen transformation!  Feel free to comment below with any questions! xx