Something Sakura: Lash Extensions FAQ

For those of you that read my Random Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me post (click HERE to read), I have an obsession with lashes.  If I had to pick one thing that I couldn’t leave the house without having on, it would be mascara– lashes just make SUCH a big difference!

Eyelash extensions have been trending more and more these days and I see tons of girls wearing them now! So truth is, I’ve had eyelash extensions on for the last 8 years.  I tried out eyelash extensions for the first time when I was 17 years old for senior prom!  I got them on knowing nothing about it and not a lot of people even knew they existed, but I thought it would be a special one-time thing for prom, but boy was I wrong!

Since I consider myself a lash extension veteran, I thought I would put a post together on everything & anything I know about lashes, the experience, and the dos & dont’s.  Now I am by no means a beauty blogger, but I get asked about them ALL.THE.TIME, so I thought I would make it easy for people to just have a FAQ guide that I put together!  Here we go!

1. LASH LADY – Go to someone that your friend goes to.

2. DAMAGE – They VERY WELL CAN ruin your lashes, but it all depends on your lash lady and your upkeep.  You really shouldn’t have more than 2-3 lashes per lash.  I’ve seen & heard of some lash extension horror stories!

3. UPKEEP – Speaking of upkeep, it’s really important for you to BRUSH THEM OUT! Especially after you shower, wash your face, or go swimming- when they’re wet they clump up and gets all tangled.  Just ask your lash lady for a brush! It looks like a mascara brush 🙂

4. MASCARA – You definitely DO NOT have to wear mascara when you have eyelash extensions, but I do (hehe)– like I said, I’m obsessed with lashes.  I typically don’t when I just get them done, but as the weeks go I wear mascara to keep them looking full.

5. FILLS – Eyelash extensions are similar to getting your nails done- you get them filled every couple weeks.  I get my lashes filled every 3 weeks! I can definitely go 4 weeks, but it’s cheaper if I go every 3 weeks with my lash girl.

6. PRICE – Perfect segue to talking about price.  Eyelash extensions really can be pretty pricey, but it depends on who you go to, whether it’s a salon or an independent technician, and what type of lashes they’re using on you!  A full set can go anywhere from $100-$300+ and a fill can go anywhere from $35-$80.  I got lucky and found a girl years ago that does it out of her house- she’s cheaper than average and her schedule is flexible, so it works with my crazy schedule!

7. ALLERGIC REACTION – Some people definitely can have allergic reactions to them!  They’ve really developed a whole lot since it’s become more popular and I know there’s different types of glue.  If you have sensitive eyes, definitely ask what types of glue they have.

8. ADDICTED – I’m warning those of you that are thinking about getting lash extensions, I am addicted to them and once you get them on, you will never get them off!  It’s one of those things where once you have them you can’t live without them.

Recap & personal thoughts:

I think if I were to go back in time and lash growing serums existed, I would choose to use Latisse or Lilash to try to grow my OWN lashes before jumping into eyelash extensions.  Don’t get me wrong, I loooove them, but it’s another upkeep and if there’s a solution to grow my own lashes long and full, I would probably try that out before! It also can get a bit pricey too!

These are just my own personal thoughts, knowledge, and experience with lash extensions.

Feel free to comment for any other questions! xo