My Lash Extensions + Everyday Makeup Products

Something Sakura: My Lash Extensions + Everyday Makeup Products

I get a lot of questions about my lash extensions and makeup products I use, so I wanted to do a quick post and answer them all here!


Q: What kind of lashes extensions do you get? 

  • Classics! I love the natural look of classics!

Q: What sizes do you get?

  • My lashes range from size 8-13s (8 being the shortest and 13s being the longest)!

Q: How often do you go?

  • I get a fill every 3 weeks!  To be honest, I could totally go every 4 weeks, but it just works out with my lash lady and her pricing for me to go every 3 weeks.

Q: Who do you go to?

  • I go to a lady named Jackie in Mesa, whom I’ve been going to for almost 10 years!  She does it right out of her home, and so she is so flexible with days + times.  She doesn’t have a business social media, but if you’re interested, DM me and I can give you her number! 🙂

Q: How do you wash your face/lashes?

  • First, I have to note that you cannot use any oil-based product, because it will ruin your lashes and they will all start falling off.  Okay, so when I wash my face, I always start by washing everything but my eye area.  Then I move to the lashes and just gently rub soap along my lashes.  It’s important to remember to go along with the lashes! Once I’m done washing and drying my face, I always have a clean mascara brush wand to brush out my lashes.  By doing just this, your lashes will hold on way longer, as it won’t tangle with one another!



Here’s an updated list on what I use every day!  If you want to see how I use each product, check out my beauty highlights where I saved my everyday makeup tutorial! 🙂

My Everyday Makeup Products