Reflecting on 27

It’s crazy for me to think that I turn 28 today.  Looking back at this past year, there were a lot of ups + downs, but overall it was a great year.  A lot has happened in my work life, my family, my friendships, and my love life- at 28 years old, I finally feel confident, happy, and fulfilled in all aspects of my life.  As I turn 28 today, I feel like I’m starting a new chapter in my life and I think 27 was about the growing pains of getting to this new chapter.

About a year ago I started dating my friend of 6 years and was trying to figure out if this could work or not and now I feel like I found my soul mate, a year ago we made a business decision to change our model into a creative studio agency, a year ago I started encouraging my family to move to Arizona and now they are here (this was not an easy one), and a year ago I was feeling discouraged about my blog and I regained my passion for it and I’m seeing the return in prioritizing it more.

Getting older is not fun, but I’m happy and ready for what life brings me next.  I think 28 is going to be a fun + very exciting year! For this next year, I’m excited to have more focus in my work life, I’m excited to live with Kell, and I’m excited to put even more effort into my personal brand to see what that will bring me.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, thank you for following, and always reading along.