Something Sakura: Tuft & NeedleSomething Sakura: Tuft & Needle Something Sakura: Tuft & NeedleSomething Sakura: Tuft & NeedleSomething Sakura: Tuft & NeedleSomething Sakura: Tuft & Needle

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As you guys already know, I rarely do product reviews on my blog unless it’s something that I truly love and believe in.  In the past, I wrote about the everyday makeup I use and it’s because I genuinely wanted to share it and I’ve gotten a lot of questions on what makeup I use (read it HERE)!  Well, today’s product review is a little different and it’s about my recent love for my new mattress- Tuft & Needle.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard of Tuft & Needle, especially if you live in the San Francisco or Phoenix area since they have their storefronts there.  I recently discovered them on Instagram and fell in love with the company, the branding & packaging (of course), and their mission.  I can truly go on and on about what I love about the company and their story, but I’m here to talk to you about the mattress and whether or not it is worth all of the hype.  I’ve been on a hunt for a mattress for a while, but didn’t want to make the huge investment because mattresses can run thousands and thousands of dollars!  Ever since middle school, I’ve had a not-so-great back due to Scoliosis, and my doctors always told me that I need a good mattress.  Once I discovered that Tuft & Needle mattresses are affordable and supposedly great mattresses, I was willing to give it a try.

I visited their showroom in Downtown Phoenix and had the opportunity to see what the mattresses were all about, and let’s just throw out the obvious- I loved it.  Mattresses can be a difficult thing to buy because some people like it more soft or others, more firm. It’s a little hard for me to put it exactly into words what the mattress really feels like, but let’s just say, I now understand why they only have one type of mattress.  Tuft & Needle delivered the mattress straight to my front door and the setup was so incredibly easy- so easy that I did it in 5 minutes!  It took a day or two for me to get used to my new mattress, because it was so different from my last mattress, but also because I think the mattress wasn’t fully expanded on the first night. Since I’ve had my Tuft & Needle mattress, I have been sleeping like a baby.  I also love the foam mattress because it keeps me cool in the Arizona summer nights and it gives the perfect support on my bad back!

I know a lot of people don’t have the opportunity to test out the mattress before purchase because there isn’t a showroom in every major city, but I think all of the reviews on Amazon or Google will make you feel confident in the mattress and hopefully this post will too!  A special thank you to the Tuft & Needle team for gifting me this mattress and for all of the amazing customer service.  Again, I truly wouldn’t be writing this product review if I didn’t love it!   Feel free to comment below if you have any other questions about the mattress.

I’ll be flying out to LA tomorrow for our Bloguettes LA Branding Workshop, so be sure to be on the lookout for my blog post on that!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week! xo