My Wedding Questions Answered By My Followers!

Something Sakura: My Wedding Questions Answered By My Followers

As most of you know, I am starting to dive into wedding planning, but have so many questions! I asked my followers some questions for wedding planning from spending money to the best part of your wedding. Sharing with you the top 5 answers, in order, for each question. Hope this helps! xx

What’s something that was worth every penny?

  1. Photographer / Videographer (by far the most popular answer!)
  2. Food / Open Bar
  3. Good DJ / Band
  4. Florals
  5. Day of Wedding Coordinator


What’s something that wasn’t worth the money?

  1. Wedding Favors
  2. Small Details: Table Settings, Table Decor, Menus, Programs
  3. Cake
  4. Overpriced / Over the top florals
  5. Champagne Toast


Do you have more fun at a casual wedding or a formal wedding?

65% of people said casual weddings and 35% of people said formal weddings.


Thoughts on first look?

68% of people said yes to first look and 32% said no to first look.  What I’ve gathered is that people that have done first looks are very happy they did first looks and didn’t regret doing it.  There were maybe a couple of people that wish they didn’t, but the majority were happy about it. Another benefit of having a first look is that the wedding party can enjoy and spend some time before the ceremony and all the nerves are gone!  It’s also the only time that the bride and groom have to themselves all day!

The people that didn’t do a first look are also very happy they didn’t do it and got to really enjoy that special moment walking down the aisle that everyone dreams of!


The best part of your wedding?

  1. The people – celebrating with people you love
  2. Dancing / Good music
  3. Vows
  4. The first look/walking down the aisle
  5. Keeping it simple


The biggest mistake you made during wedding planning?

  1. Getting stressed about the details / not enjoying the planning
  2. Not hiring a wedding planner/wedding coordinator
  3. Not hiring a photographer/videographer
  4. Listening to other peoples opinions


The best wedding you ever attended – what made it the best?

  1. Good music / Dancing
  2. Open bar / Good food
  3. The people
  4. Ambiance / Vibe / Atmosphere
  5. Personal touches