We’re Gonna Be Roommates!!

Something Sakura: New Home! Something Sakura: New Home!

Happy Friday!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to blog, but as you all know, I have been traveling the last two weeks in Lebanon + Greece and I just got back earlier this week! Before we left for our trip, I shared on social media our very exciting news and secret that we have been keeping from you all- we got a house and we’re gonna be roommates!

We have been on the hunt for the last six months for a house to call home.  We were looking for a historic home that we can remodel that we can still live in during the construction and we finally found the one 🙂  It’s a 4 bedroom/2 bath that we are planning to convert to a 3 bedroom/2 bath, so we can have a larger master suite with a bigger closet + bath.  Life has been so crazy lately with lots of exciting things and we are so excited to make this house our first home together.  A lot of people have been asking when we are going to move and get started on the house, and the answer is ASAP!  It’s been a little tough as we closed on the house right when we left for our trip, so we are a little behind our ideal timeline, but we are making moves.  We are currently meeting with a couple contractors to see who we want to work with for this project.

Fixer Upper is one of my (and now Kell’s) favorite shows and I’m excited to channel my inner Joanna Gaines!  I love interior design, so I’m excited to get my hands dirty and for us to start working on the house.  I will make sure to bring you all along our exciting journey.  If you guys have ANY tips when it comes to home remodeling + design, I’d love for you to share it below in the comment!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!