Children’s Books for BLM

Hi everyone! With everything going on right now, I want to make sure that I am influencing my followers and using my platform in the best way. To show my continued support for Black Lives Matter, I’ve created a list of children’s books for all ages. Be sure to check out my other blog posts for Arizona restaurants and businesses, online brands, creators to follow, and more educational resources. I hope this helps you as we are all learning more every day.

As I’m sure there are some missing, please let me know if there are any businesses, creators, or resources that I should add. Sending you all love and don’t forget, it is not too late to join the movement!

Children’s Books

I Am Enough
Grace Byers
Let’s Talk About Race
Something Happened In Our Town
Ann Hazzard, Marianne Celano, and Marietto Collins
Colors of Us
Karen Katz
Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History 
Vashti Harrison
The Skin I’m In
Pat Thomas
The Skin You Live In
Michael J. Tyler
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
Mem Fox
A is for Activist
Innosanto Nagara
The Youngest Marcher
Cynthia Levinson
All Are Welcome
Alexandra Penfold
Last Stop on Market Street
Matt De La Pena