Something Sakura: You're the Person I'll Never Stop Looking for in a Crowded Place I found this quote a couple years ago on Pinterest and it’s been my favorite ever since.  There’s something so deep about this quote– it has “unconditional love” written all over it. I was Facetiming my 86 year old grandma last night and she was telling me that it’s unfortunate that everything starts making sense when you’re at the end of your life.  I know, it sounds so depressing, but where she was getting to is that you need to fight for the things that truly matters to you- your dreams, your career, and most importantly the love of your life. My grandma received a letter a couple years ago from her ex boyfriend.  In the letter he stated that after 65 years and in his death bed, he finally has the courage to tell her that he should have never let her go and she was the love of his life.  My grandma says she doesn’t regret a thing, because she wouldn’t have her life that she has now, but she can’t imagine how painful it must have been for him to live life regretting something like that. Before we hung up she told me to never give up on the things or people that matter the most to me and it’s not all going to be rainbows and butterflies. The best part about not giving up is to work and learn through the difficult times to see the changes for the better. xo