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Happy Monday, friends!  I know it’s been a week since part one of our US road trip post (READ HERE), but I now realized that I probably should have broken it into three parts, rather than two because there’s SOOOO much to cover!  The second half of the trip was amazing, different from other states, and so much fun.  We drove through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington DC! Collin and I have never been to any of these states, so it was definitely an experience.

New Orleans, LA

Not quite sure where to even start with New Orleans… Let’s just say that it was the most memorable part of the trip for me because it was so different from any other place I have ever been to!  Driving into New Orleans, I couldn’t help but to notice all of the beautiful architecture and colors.  Every building was painted a different color and you can tell that this city is such a historical place.  Louisiana is as humid as you would guess it is and with humidity comes the mosquitos during the summer. Mosquitos happen to love me, so I had to rush to the store to get some bug spray before I got eaten alive!

I’ll go into where to eat & visit in a second, but I gotta say that I definitely would’t have felt comfortable going there alone or just with girls.  Feeling safe is important to me and I definitely didn’t feel that after sun was down, so just to be aware!


Cafe Du Monde at French Market – beignets here are an absolute must! Kim Kardashian doesn’t love it for nothing, it really is SO AMAZING. Don’t forget to bring cash when you order because they don’t take any other form of payment.

St. Roch Market – If you want a cute & trendy place with options, come here.  The St. Roch Market is a southern food hall with tons of amazing vendors! I went to Juice NOLA and ordered the best kale salad (seriously, the best) along with an avocado toast and Collin had the baked oysters from Elysian Seafood’s Oyster Bar and it was delicious! We of course needed to get something sweet, so we got a ice cream cone to share.

Cochon Butcher – Tons of people recommended this place to us, so we had to check it out and they definitely didn’t disappoint us.  Definitely make reservation before heading there, because it is a hot spot and you definitely have to try the fried alligator for your app- it’s ahhhhmazing!

Pat O’Brien’s – My dad recommended us to check out Pat O’Brien’s for their ultra song, ultra sweet Hurricane drink.  I had a sip Collin’s and that was enough for me to probably get strong, but I guess it’s a must-try on people’s to do list when they are in New Orleans!  Besides the drink and food, I loved the atmosphere of Pat O’Brien’s! That have the cutest building and tons of pink and green walls going on.


Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour – A swamp tour was an absolute must for us and had so much fun doing it!  I know it’s totally tourist-like, but we didn’t care.  We got to experience holding an alligator and got to see tons of alligators, which we wouldn’t have gotten to do!  We called the day before to reserve our spot and we booked the large swamp tour, so it was slightly cheaper and not a private one, but I really don’t think that would have been necessary.  I do recommend bringing bug spray and sun block with you though!

French Market – There’s a whole lot going on in the French Market and it’s surrounded by beautiful buildings, history, and tons of yummy restaurants & bars!  It’s right by the water, so it can get pretty humid over the summer, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Bourbon Street – oooohhh Bourbon Street. It’s definitely the Time Square of New Orleans.  Tons of action going on and lots and lots of people walking around with drinks in their hand.  I will warn you that it can be pretty smelly.  lol.  Personally, it was just a little too much for us that we ended up lasting a good 30 minutes on Bourbon Street!

Nashville, TN

Nashville is a city I’ve been dying to go to!  I’ve just heard nothing, but great things about it and it definitely lived up to its expectation.  The music, the great food, and the people- I loved everything about it.  We decided to get an AirBnB for our 2 night stay in Nashville and it was only 7 minutes Uber ride to the city, so it was perfect!  We also needed to stay in an AirBnB because by this time of the trip, we were desperate for a washer & dryer!

We did our full research and here are all of the places to check out, if you’re ever in Nashville!


Hattie B’s Hot Chicken – You’ll most likely wait in line, but it’s soooo worth it.  I’d suggest what to eat, but honestly, everything there is so good!  I do recommend getting the banana pudding though, because it’s so creamy & delicious!  They say around 11AM and 3PM are the slower times where you probably won’t wait in line!

The Southern Steak & Oyster – You will definitely have to make reservation for The Southern, because it’s definitely a hot spot right now.  Their Southern food is delicious and the atmosphere is great. It’s priced a little on the higher side, but the portions are big and you won’t regret it.  Collin ordered the baby back ribs and I’ve never eaten ribs that just fell off the bone- BEST RIBS EVER. I ordered the fish tacos and it was so yummy! I kinda wish I ordered the fish and grits though!

Acme Feed & Seed – If you really want to feel like you’re in Nashville, go here, eat here.  It’s a huge building that has multiple stories with multiple menus on each floor.  What I love about this place is that no only is the food delicious, the vibe is amazing.  They had a live country band playing and entertaining everyone and just a great place to accompany a larger group.  They have a rooftop, so you can also enjoy the perfect Nashville weather while enjoying a delicious Southern meal. BTW they also have some sushi on the second floor. Again, this place is just really cool and in the middle of all of the honky tonks!

The Patterson House – If you’re looking for a super vibey speakeasy bar, here’s your spot!  As you can imagine, it’s a little difficult to find because it’s a speakeasy, but it has the best atmosphere you can imagine.  I’m not a big drinker, but Collin loved their cocktails and I basically ate everything I could on their food menu hah.  Their fried brie & their s’mores in a jar is a must-try there.


Johnny Cash Museum – We checked out the Johnny Cash museum and loved it.

Broadway Street – This is what people call the “honky tonks” and it’s where all of the country bars lined up.  It’s definitely a great place to grab some drinks, listen to country music, and party in Nashville!

12 South – If you’re looking for the blue & white striped wall and the “I believe in Nashville” wall mural, then you’re gonna wanna go here.  Besides the amazing wall murals they also have tons of cute boutiques & shops to check out!  It is a little bit further away from downtown, but totally worth checking out (even if it’s just for the murals hah).

Pinewood Social – This place is a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, bowling alley, and has an outdoor & pool area.  We didn’t go to eat, so I didn’t put it under places to eat, but it’s definitely a cool place to check out.  Collin and I went to hang out and go bowling and had an absolute blast.  The atmosphere is just adorable and I was going gaga over all of the set up & decor.

Washington DC

Once we got to DC, we were too busy moving Collin into his new home to really do anything!  It was my first time in DC and I thought it was so beautiful.  Collin gave me a tour of Georgetown and we basically just ran tons of errands to help him get settled into his new apartment.  I only had 2 days in DC before I had to fly back to Phoenix, so I barely had time to explore, but I’m looking forward to my next visit in September!