Something Sakura: Apps + Tools I Can't Live Without

I’m excited to finally do a post on something I have been wanting to for quite sometime now and that’s apps + tools that I can’t live without! I have a lot on my plate day to day and there’s no way that I could keep up with everything without these apps and tools. I get asked all the time how I organize my to-do lists, what app I use for my calendar, what I use to edit my photos, so I’m excited to share this post with you.   I’m all about learning and trying new things out, so I’d love it if you would comment below on any apps that you think I should try out too!


1. ALL Google Apps (gmail, google doc/sheets/analytics): 

My work & personal email are all run by gmail and if you don’t have your emails run through gmail, you should definitely look into Google for Business. By having Google for Business, you have everything from doc, sheets, analytics- you name it. I use these tools EVERY SINGLE DAY to stay organized and to check up on my website stats for both Bloguettes and my personal blog.   I of course prefer using the desktop version to create something from scratch, but by having the app, I can check docs, make edits, and collaborate right from my phone!



2. Google Keep

So I know this is another Google app, but I wanted to keep this separate from #1 because I know a lot of people aren’t familiar with it. I am all about making lists for everything, taking notes, setting reminders, etc. and this does all of that.

It keeps everything so organized compared to any other note taking sites/apps and I seriously could not live without it. I use it for my shopping list, my personal tasks, general meeting notes, EVERYTHING!



3. Flow

Flow is a project management tool that we use at Bloguettes and I live by this thing. I can’t get into all the details, but app/software keeps track of all projects and tasks for myself and the team! I use Flow on my phone to keep me in check! If your company, organization, or team needs a good project management tool, definitely check Flow out! We Bloguettes have had our fair share with PM tools and this is the one that we all LOVE the most!



4. Planoly

I love love love Planoly. I use Planoly to schedule, organize, and plan my Instagram. I can go on and on about Planoly, but it has not only changed my life, but Bloguettes’ life. Instagramming can take quite some time and this app has taught me to hold myself accountable to plan & post on Instagram and I love it.




Since we’re on the subject on Instagram, VSCO is my favorite Instagram editing app. I do all of my editing in VSCO. My favorite presets (filters) are A6, F1, and F2!



6. Qapital

OKAY GUYS. If there’s one app that I think EVERYONE should have, it would be Qapital. I am all about saving money and I have saved over $10,000 in the last 1.5 year because of Qapital. Basically this app allows you to save money for different goals you set. You can also have collaborative goals with your friends, boyfriend, whoever! If you’re going on a trip with your friends and want to start putting money away for it, Qapital is perfect for that. You’re probably wondering how you save- basically you set goals and every goal you set have rules that you apply to it.  For example, you can put $5/day for your goal or you can use the round up rule where every purchase you make on your card ends up rounding up to the nearest dollar and you save the difference.  It’s pretty cool!  Use THIS link and get $5 towards your first code!



7. MileLogger

I haven’t been using this app for too long, but I really love how easy they make it for me to track my miles to right off for business. It tracks automatically all my trips I make and I just need to swipe whether it’s for business or not! It then allows you to export your log via .csv. It’s great!



8. Dropbox

Well I think this is pretty obvious, but if you don’t have Dropbox download it. This is where I store all of my photos from different photo shoots, documents, and so much more. Dropbox has helped myself and Bloguettes stay so organized, especially when it comes to pictures. If I need to find a photo to Instagram, I go straight to my Dropbox to find the perfect photo!


9.  Headspace

In my last blog post, I shared that I have really been getting into meditation to help calm + focus my thoughts (read HERE) together.  My business partner, Lorena, shared this app with me and I’ve really loved it.  It really helps you learn all about meditation and they’re all guided meditations for different things you need help with.  I’ve tried a few other meditation apps and I have to say I love this one the most because I love that it walks you through your meditation, but also because I feel like the man’s voice in the app is the best for meditation hah.


10. Retouch

So you all know how particular and picky I am about my Instagram photos and there’s nothing more that I hate when there’s a stupid outlet in the photo or there’s something that I want to get rid of in my picture.  Well Retouch is probably the best app I’ve found out there that is the best at it when you quickly want to clone out something in your picture.  I definitely can’t live without it!


Hope you guys enjoyed my quick blog post of my favorite tools + apps that I use day to day!  I’ll have to do more blog posts like this more often 🙂