INTERNSHIP — I’m looking for help!

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Welp, here we go!  I’ve been working nonstop for the last 4 years since we started Bloguettes and when I started my blog almost 3 years I added even more on my plate. Things are not going to stop, but nor do I want it to- I love everything that I do.  I have a lot of things on my plate and they happen to all be my priority, but I’m at a point where I am not able to give anything the attention it deserves because I just have too much going on and need the extra hand!

I’m looking for an intern to help + shadow me for the semester to assist with everything from my blog, Bloguettes, to my personal life.  I’m looking for someone that will want to stay on after the semester for a part-time/full-time position as my assistant to help grow my blog and all things with my business, Bloguettes.  Through this internship, you will be my right hand gal and learn aspects about being a business owner, a creative brand director, and being a blogger.  I need someone that wants to grow with me and knows how to have fun, but also knows what working hard means.  Time will be split 50/50 between Something Sakura & Bloguettes duties.

To Apply:

  1. Please make sure to read the ENTIRE job description
  2. Email with subject line: “INTERNSHIP: Full Name”
  3. Cover letter + resume attached
  4. Any work, social media, blog, that shows me your love for design/photography would be a big plus!
  5. Apply by: Sunday, December 17th (midnight)


I am looking for an individual that:

  • Shares the same love for content creation that I do (photography / design)
  • Is hardworking and is willing to put the work + time in to get the job done
  • Is eager to learn (especially about business, photography, design, and marketing)
  • Is flexible and is willing to work on any task with a smile
  • Is POSITIVE. No negative nancies here!
  • Is extremely organized and can help create a structure and flow
  • Is proactive on their own without having to be told what to do
  • Is a team player
  • Accountable and responsible
  • Can complete things from start to finish
  • Is discreet + trustworthy
  • Extremely detail oriented
  • Has excellent customer service
  • Can keep up with my crazy life



  • 20 hours a week (flexible on schedule)
  • January – May 2018
  • Be either for school credit (if school credit is not an option, must be considered as a volunteer for the semester)
  • Have a reliable car to get to + from the office located (2901 E Camelback Rd #200B, Phoenix, AZ)
  • Have a reliable computer that can handle Adobe softwares



  • Help schedule my personal, work, and editorial calendar
  • Manage my emails
  • Manage all collaborations + partnerships for Something Sakura
  • Work with my Bloguettes team for any tasks needed from me
  • Sort, edit, and organize my photos
  • Run personal errands
  • Help manage & grow my social media channels
  • Coordinate + assist with photoshoots or even help take some photos
  • And any other tasks given with a smile 🙂


Preferred Skills

  • Familiar with Adobe softwares (especially Lightroom + Photoshop)
  • Familiar with photography
  • Proficient in writing
  • Have a love for excel/google sheets (like I do)