Something Sakura - Austin, TexasSomething Sakura - Austin Texas-2 Something Sakura - Austin Texas-19 Something Sakura - Austin Texas-6 Something Sakura - Austin Texas-7 Something Sakura - Austin Texas-16 Something Sakura - Austin Texas-17 Something Sakura - Austin Texas-14 Something Sakura - Austin Texas-11 Something Sakura - Austin Texas-4Something Sakura - Austin, Texas Something Sakura - Austin Texas-31 Something Sakura - Austin Texas-28 Something Sakura - Austin Texas-30 Something Sakura - Austin Texas-33 Something Sakura - Austin Texas-29 Something Sakura - Austin Texas-22 Something Sakura - Austin Texas-34Let me just start by saying we love Austin.  The food, the people, the city, the country- what more could you ask for?  We decided to do a little weekend getaway to Austin to visit our good friends Colby & Jess.  Colby is Collin’s best friend from high school and it’s always just a whole lot of fun when we all get together.  My 26th birthday was on the 29th of June and Colby’s birthday was the 28th of June, so we decided to do a joint birthday celebration together!  Collin and I’s first trip together when we first started dating was to Austin and that was the first time I met Colby & Jess, so it was a lot of fun getting together again after a few years!

We spent a lot of our time catching up, eating, lounging, and did I mention eating? Colby & Jess are expecting their first baby, so we were helping them come up with different names for a little girl lol. so cute!  They have a boat so we took out the boat to the lake on Saturday and spent all day wake boarding & wake surfing.  I used to go out to the lake a lot growing up, so it was fun to do all the lake actives again since its been awhile.

We then spent one of the other days in downtown austin and hopped around different stores and restaurants!  Bloguettes will be hosting our first workshop in Austin next year, so I was really doing a whole lot of scoping for potential hotels, restaurants, and spaces while we’re there!  We were in the mood for some Thai food, so we stopped at this delicious Thai restaurant called Sway and I couldn’t say better things about it!  We ended our Saturday on Rainey Street which is a strip where they flipped all cute & small historic homes into dive bars- if you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. It was unfortunately drizzling all day so I couldn’t get a whole lot of photos of downtown Austin, but it’s definitely worth checking out!

Looking forward to our next trip to Austin!  Thanks to Jess & Colby for having us 🙂