Glamping at The Grand Canyon with Lexus

Something Sakura - Glamping Under Canvas with Lexus 

Excited to share with you guys photos from our glamping trip!  We had such an incredible time and it was all thanks to Lexus for setting this up for us!  Before I jump into the details of our glamping trip, let’s talk about the Lexus GX 460 that I drove for a week.  The Lexus GX is their second-biggest SUV and we’re actually in the market for getting a bigger car, so I loved test driving it for the week.  The car is very spacious inside and it runs so smoothly.  Although it’s a big car, I really didn’t feel scared to drive it around.  It was easy to park and I love all the features it comes with.  As a growing family, a big car is definitely necessary and I highly recommend the GX!  Thank you again to Lexus!

Alright, here’s the 411 on our glamping trip!  We stayed at Under Canvas Grand Canyon which is about 20 minutes from the national park. I feel like we went at the perfect time of the year because it wasn’t too hot or too cold!  It definitely gets cold at night, so bring extra blankets (like two big ones) and dress warmly.  The glamping experience was really cool, it really feels like you’re camping, but just an elevated experience.  I appreciated having a toilet and shower in the tent as well as a heater, so you can keep the fire going at night to keep your tent warm!  I think my favorite part about the glamping experience is their “lobby” area where they have a restaurant that serves lunch and dinner.  They also have live music, yoga classes, and tons of board games for you to play with!

Glamping with a baby

We had a great time bringing the baby and she did great!  We loved sharing that experience with her 🙂  Overall, I think if I were to go glamping again, I’d do it without the baby.  Though it’s totally doable, what made it difficult was at night.  We brought her pack-n-play and her sound machine for her at night, which I highly recommend doing.  As I mentioned above, in order to keep the tent warm, we had to keep putting wood in the fire throughout the night and it would make a lot of noise that we were so afraid she was going to wake up.  There were a few times where she almost did fully wake up.  Another thing that made it a little difficult is that her bedtime is anywhere between 6:30-7:30 and they start serving dinner at 7, so as you can imagine, she was a little fussy during dinner time and we couldn’t enjoy it as much as we would have liked.  Again, totally doable, but I think glamping is a really romantic experience and it might be to save it for some quality time with your other half 🙂