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Something Sakura: CHI TOWN Currently en route to good ol’ Chicago for another Bloguettes Branding Workshop!  This will be my 3rd time in Chicago and every time I’ve visited, I’ve had to deal with the freezing cold.  It’s about 80-85 degrees in Arizona now, and although it will be the first day of Spring tomorrow, It’s still going to be pretty chilly!  I’ll be back in Chicago in end of July for a dear friend’s wedding, so I’m pretty excited to finally experience the warm weather in this beautiful city!  I really, really love Chicago though- to me, it’s the perfect city. It’s the perfect happy medium of a big & small city!  There are beautiful suburbs right outside of the city and the people & food are so great here.

I’m looking forward to teaching our biggest “out of state” workshop yet, and although we’ve done the workshop a good handful of times now, I still get a little nervous! I will be sure to do a recap post of my trip! xo


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