Our First Holiday Family Photos // Family Portrait Tips

Here it is!  Our first family Christmas photos!

We shot with Hillary Brubaker, who also shot my maternity photos.  I just really wanted our first family photos to be the same vibe as my maternity shoot, so we shot at Hillary’s grandparents’ beautiful home, and I’m so happy with how they turned out!!

Also, wanted to share a couple of tips when it comes to shooting your family portraits:


1. Location

Don’t overthink the location! The more simple the backdrop, the better.  Remember, the focus is on your family, not where you are shooting.  Sometimes, when the location/background is busy, it becomes distracting


2. Outfits

I have a few tips when it comes to outfits.  One, I never think having a colored theme is a bad idea.  I know it can be kinda cheesy, but it really does photograph well and it makes it look clean!  Two, wear a color that contrasts with your background.  For example, if you’re shooting in a forest, you want to wear lighter colors to go against the green trees, if you’re shooting in the desert, maybe a darker color.  Three, keep it simple!  Solid colors really do photograph well!

I also recommend maybe not wearing something that screams the holidays.  I say this because it’s rare to be getting everyone together to take photos, and you want to be able to use these photos year around!


3. Bribing Your Kids

Sometimes you just have to bribe your kids to take a good photo, and I think it’s completely okay to!  My only tip for this is if you are going to, don’t even show the reward until AFTER the shoot.  I’ve seen it backfire multiple times when the parents show the reward during the shoot and the kids get even more upset and frustrated when they see the lollipop or whatever!


4. Posing: if you’re uncomfortable, you’re gonna look uncomfortable

I know it’s easier said than done, but loosen up!  When you feel uncomfortable from posing weird, it’s gonna show in the photos.  Shake it out, loosen up, and readjust.  This goes for your smile too!!


5. Play music + have fun!!

This kind of goes with #4, but play music and have fun!  Music really helps ease things and who doesn’t like fun/candid photos??