Something Sakura: Font Crush No. 1

Dalle | Jellyka | Imprint | Never Let Go

I’ve had an obsession with fonts for quite some time now.  I can literally look at fonts for hours and hours, while it also can take me hours to pick one font to use!  Ever since I started my blog back in July, I’ve been wanting to start a “Font Crush” section– it’s just so hard for me to narrow down my favorites.  I was in Dallas last weekend for our Bloguettes Branding Workshop and I was asked multiple times by the students what my favorite fonts were; I promised the students that I would start sharing my favorite fonts sooooo…. I’m excited to finallyyy start my “Font Crush” section!

I will be sharing everything from serifs, scripts, hand lettering fonts, and so much more!  The best part is that the majority of it will be free! Hope you all enjoy! xo