Welp, we were all packed up ready to head to the airport to go back home until we found out that our flight is “non-existent”?  Long story short, we had to stay one more night in Exuma Island and by “we”, I mean the bf and I.  So, we said goodbye to sweet Heath & Jen and we were taken to a different hotel to enjoy our last day in the Bahamas.

Our hotel that we were taken to was definitely a downgrade from the Sandals, but it was fine for a night!  We had so much fun exploring a different part of the island that wasn’t all “resorty” and the hotel had this amazing boat deck that we had fun hanging out on looking at all the fishes! This concludes my trip to the Bahamas.  I wish I could post all 500+ pictures of our trip, but I made sure to post the best ones!  I cannot wait to go on another amazing & relaxing vacation like this!

I also want to take a second to thank Heath & Jen for taking Collin and I on such an amazing trip!  I have had so much fun getting to know the both of you and I am so happy to create such amazing memories.  Thank you soo much!