I’ve always wanted to go to Magic Market Week in Las Vegas, but never really had a reason to go, nor did I have the opportunity.  For those that aren’t familiar with Magic, it’s the largest global marketplace for apparel, footwear, and accessories for both men and women.  Boutiques, online retailers, and department stores all attend this convention and it’s informative seminars to build relationships and purchase items for their stores.  It’s an amazing event with hundreds of different designers and brands from around the world!

This year I got the chance to attend Magic, thanks to my girlfriend Ellyse!  Ellyse does it all- she designs jewelry, does personal styling, and is also an interior designer… like, what? (Check out her site here!) This is obviously just a glimpse of our 3 days at the show, but we had a great time together in Las Vegas and loved learning so much about the fashion industry and how it all works!

On our last day in Vegas, we did a fun photo shoot on Fremont Street (aka the old strip), so I will definitely be sharing those pictures later this week!


Graphic & Photographs by: Sakura Considine