NYC Part 1

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Since I’ve been back from New York, I’ve had the craziest 5 days trying to meet a deadline for the new Bloguettes booklet to go to print.  I edited all of my photos from my trip on my flight back to Phoenix, but it’s all been sitting in my drafts waiting anxiously to get published, so I’m excited to finally share them with everyone!

The people, the sound, the craziness, and the food- New York City is always a great time.  I’ve been to New York City a good handful of times, but this trip was by far my favorite trip.  It’s probably because we explored all over the city all 3 days that we were there!  There are so many amazing photos that I captured that I had to break them up into 3 different posts.

We took the Metro North, Hudson Line from Poughkeepsie to the city arriving around 8:30AM.  We were able to get an early check-in to our hotel at The Standard Highline in the Meat Packing District and as soon as we dropped our suitcases off in our room, we went straight to the Highline to go for a walk in the “elevated park”.  For those that don’t know what the Highline is, it’s a one-mile long park that is built in the middle of the city!  There are a few grab-and-go food stands and a coffee shop along the Highline with benches on both sides of the park- so you’ll see people either running, jogging, eating, or even sun bathing!  We then went everywhere from the Central Park Zoo, Upper West Side, Midtown, and back to the Meatpacking District.  We had a late lunch at Spice Market, which was amazing to say the least, and we went back to The Standard to enjoy their rooftop bar, relax, and get ready for dinner!

We had an incredible first day in the city and it only got better!  Make sure to check back tomorrow for part 2!