My Dad’s side of the family all lives in New York so I grew up spending most of my Summers in New York.  I celebrated my 22nd birthday in New York two years ago and I’m so excited to go back!!  My favorite Auntie Lenore will be getting married to the man of her dreams and it’s going to be a BIG Irish/Italian family gathering and I can’t wait! My +1 is obviously the bf and I am so excited for him to experience his first time in New York with me.

We will be spending a week in New York- 4 days in Upstate New York & 3 days in the City.  There’s just so much to see in New York especially in the City that I decided to create a little NYC collage for some of the places I wanted to check out!

Alright, I’m off to go pack now!  Wish me luck!


Header & Collage created by: Sakura Considine

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