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Not kidding you, this is the first time I’ve seen something so beautiful in my life.  The color of the water in Exuma Island is just something you never see.  The water is clear and turquoise as can be and no, I did not adjust the color of the water in these pictures!  There was actually another island that we were actually going to go to, but last minute decision, we decided to go to Exuma Island, solely because we heard the water was so amazing!

I must admit, I usually pick the pool over the ocean- I’m not a huge fan of salt water, getting sand all over the place, and there’s just something about the ocean that scares me, but I’ve loved it so far!  We’ve had so much fun laying out on the beach, snorkeling, playing beach volleyball, and even snorkeling! Yes, I went snorkeling.  We saw tons of colorful fishes, crabs, and even a SHARK- don’t worry, it was a nurse shark (aka nicest sharks, ever).  We’ve had so much fun- I really don’t want to leave this place.