NYC Part 2




After my first day of wearing black cargo pants around the city, I learned my lesson to wear something a little bit more breezy the second day.  Our day started off with a little bit of room service coffee and catching up with work!  We then walked over to Chelsea Market, which we heard so much about, and checked out all of the fun stores and restaurants!  I have been obsessed with Moroccan wedding blankets for a while and I stumbled across a Moroccan Import Goods shop and found some beautiful wedding blankets so I was pretty excited about that!

We then walked our way up to the Flatiron District to have lunch at ABC Kitchen.  ABC Kitchen is apart of ABC Home in this beautiful building where every floor consists of different home goods!  They have everything from gifts, furnitures, and carpets that are all so beautiful and one of a kind pieces!  The lunch at ABC Kitchen was so delicious and their set up was nothing but perfect- no surprise there.

We both love going to museums so we checked out a few different ones including the Jewish Museum, which was definitely our favorite!  They currently have an exhibition on Mel Bochner – Strong Language that we enjoyed very much; along with many other exhibitions that I unfortunately couldn’t capture!  We then obviously had to make a stop at the famous Shake Shack for the cab ride back to our hotel to get ready for dinner!

For dinner, we had a reservation at an adorable restaurant called Rosemary’s.  Rosemary’s have a very fresh menu that consists of tons of veggies, where they get it straight from their rooftop garden!  Their atmosphere was amazing with natural light coming in with tons of flowers- everything I love and adore. Once we were done with dinner, we took a cab straight to Broadway to enjoy The Book of Mormon, which was hilarious to say the least!

I highly recommend checking out all of the restaurants that I listed cause they were all spectacular!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for my last recap of my NYC trip!