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Something Sakura: Bloguettes Upcoming Workshop

As most of you guys know, I teach a fun 2-day branding workshop called Bloguettes with my business partner/partner in crime/bff, Lorena!  Our workshops are for everyone from small business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.  We go through all the important aspects of what it takes to have a good brand digitally in today’s age.  In two days, you learn the basics of Photoshop, social media, blogging, business of blogging, photography, and PR.  It’s a whole lotta information in two days, but it’s a lot of fun and you leave the workshop feeling motivated and inspired with all the tools you need to know!

Check out my last post on our workshop to get more deets (click here) or just head on over to the Bloguettes website to see what it’s all about!  We also offer some fun & informational webinars too!  Feel free to shoot me an email or comment below for any questions regarding our workshops!  Hope to see you at our upcoming workshop! xo