Something Sakura: Podcasts I Love

Happy Monday!

If you follow me on social media, you already know that I’m obsessed with podcasts.  I listen to it to learn, motivate me, and inspire me- it’s a great place to get your fuel.  I typically listen to it when I’m getting ready in the morning, when I’m cleaning, or in my car.  There’s seriously a podcast for everything!  I typically stay within the business, blogging, and self-help category.  Just because there’s a podcast for everything, doesn’t mean that they’re all great and entertaining.  I find it tough sometimes to find podcasts that I really like because I either get annoyed by the host or they’re not actually sticking to the title and description of the episode.  Well, I’ll stop my rambling!  Here are some of my favorite top podcasts I love!

1. The Productivity Show by Asian Efficiency

These guys really share great insights on how to be productive in your life (especially in business).  They bring on successful entrepreneurs on to discuss different topics on business and how they manage tasks, business, employees, and so much more.  What I love about this podcast is that they share all of their tools and always have great key takeaways at the end of their episode to wrap it all up!


2. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

I like to listen to this podcast when I’m feeling discouraged or unhappy.  It talks a lot about your purpose in life and really empowers you in all realm of life!  She brings on HUGE people from different industries to talk about their struggle, their purpose, and how to continue living a balanced happy life.  It’s a great one!


3. The Skinny Confidential Him + Her Podcast

I love my girl Lauryn.  She’s a fellow blogger/entrepreneur and she’s seriously such a hard working + determined #girlboss.  I love her podcast because Lauryn + Michael (her husband) is so authentic and real about everything!  They discuss all things blogging, beauty, and business and bring on great people with great insights.  Definitely a great podcast to listen to to get motivated and inspired about content creation!


4. Listen Money Matters

There’s so much when it comes to money that we didn’t learn in school and for me specifically, my parents didn’t teach me much about it either. I just kinda had to learn everything on my own! Money is also an awkward thing to discuss with people because one, we all have different financial situations and two, you might not know a whole lot about it and you don’t want to feel dumb asking or discussing finance questions.  I’ve definitely been there, and that’s why I’ve learned so much about money, investing, credit cards, budget, and more through this podcast!  I really wish I can go back time and listen to this podcast in my early 20s!


5. The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher is a wedding photographer/entrepreneur and she gives some excellent advice on content creation, marketing, and entrepreneurship!  One particular podcast I loved was the content calendar & email inbox episode! She’s fun, energetic and will definitely get you motivated!


6. The Tony Robbins Podcast

I’m a big Tony Robbins fan.  Some call it a cult, but call it what you want, he is so motivating and inspiring that people fall in love with him!  His podcast does just what his seminars (supposedly) do.  I’ve learned so much about myself, the power of the human minds, and how important being disciplined is and how to stay disciplined! I can go on and on about his podcast, but do yourselves a favor and go listen to his podcast!


7. The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon

Julie Solomon dives in deep into the “influencer” world in her podcast interviewing top influencers + creative entrepreneurs.  I also love that she gives great insights on social media, blogging, and entrepreneurship!  She has the cutest voie + personality on top of it all- I could listen to her podcasts all day!