Best of Baby Month at Walmart

Can you believe that Milai turns 5 months in about a week?? I’m actually in shock!  At our 4 month checkup, our pediatrician gave us the okay to start introducing her to some food, so we bought ourselves a baby food maker and gave her some food!  She didn’t hate it, but she didn’t love it hah.  Milai is really starting to become a baby baby.  She’s getting super active, talkative, and you can really start seeing her personality more and more every day!

There are lot of things that we had to get this month such as toys she can play with, baby food utensils, and more.  Luckily at Walmart, they have their Best of Baby Month going on where there are over 700 items at affordable prices online right now!  We got so many items, and you can too if you shop by the end of this month!   It was also nice because we saved money by receiving incentive gift cards when we purchased certain items like our Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker.  If you’re in the market for big stuff such as a stroller, crib, you name it, this is the time to get them.  Best of Baby Month at Walmart ends 9/30.  Shop my graphic above to see what I got! xx

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post!