Getting Milai’s Ears Pierced

Hey guys!

Been getting a lot of DMs about us getting Milai’s ears pierced, so here’s all the info you need about our experience!  Overall, I am VERY happy that we got her ears pierced!  I just really wanted to get them pierced when she was a baby.  My parents got my ears pierced when I was a baby, and I remember as a little kid, I loved that I already had it done and didn’t have to do it when I was older and be all scared!

When: She was 3.5 months when we got her ears pierced because I heard it’s best to do it around 3-4months.  That way they won’t remember it, they won’t pull on it and rip it out!

Where:  We got them pierced at Claire’s!  hah. yup.  Okay, so here’s why.   I heard some pediatricians do ear piercings, but our doctors, unfortunately, did not, and I heard most pediatricians in Arizona doesn’t do it anymore!  So then I called a good handful of piercing places around Phoenix, and everyone said that they don’t do infant piercings and the youngest they would do it is 13 years old when they can verbally communicate that they want it. I spoke to other mom’s, and they just told me that they ended up just getting them pierced at Claire’s, so that’s what we did!  I made sure that the girl at Claire’s had PLENTY of experience and she was so so detailed and it made me feel so confident!

How they pierced it:  They pierced it with a gun and unfortunately we had to do it one at a time.  They told me they can’t do it at the same time, but not sure if that was just because they didn’t have someone else to do it. Also, it’s totally normal to remark the ear lobe multiple time!  I was soooo picky about where she put the pen mark. I literally had her remark it 5 times until I totally felt comfortable! **TIP** I read that it’s better to pierce it higher than lower on the ear lobe, so when they get older, it’s centered on their lobe.

How much: We paid about $80 for the earrings and the piercing was free.  To be honest, it was a little more than I expected, but whatever. I’m not sure what their rule is about bringing your own earrings to have them pierce it!

Her reaction // outcome: I was so nervous, but she handled it like a champ and cried for maybe 15 seconds.  She hasn’t been bothered by it at all, and she hasn’t had any pain except for when they did the piercing!

Aftercare: Her aftercare was pretty easy.  For 3 weeks, we just put the aftercare cleaner that Claire’s gave us and put it on a cotton swab and cleaned the back of her ears and twisted the back of the earring.  She did not seem to ever care or be in pain when we did this.  We were told to keep the piercing in for at least 6-12months.