Something Sakura: Bump Bestie - Floral Skirt Something Sakura: Bump Bestie - Floral Skirt Something Sakura: Bump Bestie - Floral Skirt Something Sakura: Bump Bestie - Floral Skirt Something Sakura: Bump Bestie - Floral Skirt

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Okay, here’s the post many of you guys have been waiting + asking for! As you guys have probably seen on social media, I have been working with Molly, founder of the Bump Bestie, throughout my pregnancy to help us prepare for the baby’s arrival.  So you all might be asking, “what is the Bump Bestie? How does she help you?”.  Trust me, I asked the same questions!

Bump Bestie is a modern baby planning, gear consulting and maternity concierge service that eases the transition to parenthood by providing personalized support and peace of mind to expecting families as they navigate an unfamiliar and crowded baby product market.  In the last three months that I have started working with her, she has truly become my “bump bestie”. hah.  From coaching me through living a non-toxic lifestyle before + after the baby’s arrival, guiding me through the pros + cons of each baby product/gear brand and what we need to fit our lifestyle, to building our baby registry… strategically!

Sure, you can ask your friends for help and advice, but she is an expert that knows every baby product/gear brand that is out there and can really help guide you to fit your lifestyle.  What I’ve learned throughout this experience is that everyone has very different opinions on everything and they feel very strongly about it, I started feeling a little overwhelmed because I wasn’t sure what was best for us, our baby, our lifestyle, and even our budget.  This is why I was so happy to be working with the Bump Bestie, who wasn’t bias on any product or gear and really advised us on what our needs were.  Can I also mention how incredibly sweet Molly is?  She never makes me feel stupid for the million stupid questions I ask her (haha) and she’s always there to help.  I seriously don’t know what I’d do without her.

So, how does it work?  Well, it depends on the service you go with and what area you need help with!  Molly is based in LA and is available to work in-person or online, across the US.  Since I’m based in Phoenix, we’ve had video conference calls, phone calls, and many text convos- I told you, she’s always there for you and really becomes your bump bestie!  Her services start $250 and you can learn more about her services + pricing here.I know you guys probably have a million other questions, but feel free to email me or reach out to her directly at hello [@] bumpbestie.com!

Again, huge thank you to Molly for helping me throughout this journey.  You’ve been SO incredible + helpful and there’s really nothing better than feeling prepared for our baby to arrive//aka our world to change.